Thursday, June 7, 2012

Locally Grown Blog Series: Succulent Love!

This was my favorite find of the visit!  Succulents have been such a trend lately, and the colors and shapes of these just astounded me.  And, as a very low maintenance sort of gardener personally, I have such fondness and respect for succulent's low maintenance personality!

Pretty succulents all in a row.

Gorgeous striping...I've never seen one quite like this!

Blushing beauty...

Love this color combo...chartreuse and burgundy.

My other fave (next to the first striped one!)  Butter yellow, celadon green and magenta all in one little succulent!

And this duo, showing off one of the most popular color combos of the season-yellow and grey.  I am certain that MaryLee and Reed placed these two varieties side by side as they are so in tune to the trends!  :) 

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