Thursday, June 7, 2012

Locally Grown Blog Series: Ranunculus

 This past week, I had the pleasure of making an early morning visit to pick up some product from our local growers Windswept Acres.  I couldn't resist snapping photos of every beautiful blossom that caught my eye...and I'm going to have to split them up into several blogs to get them all on here!  First up, ranunculus!  (This one's for you, Rachel!)

A bed of beautiful ranunculus...

And yet more beautiful ranunculus...And now on to the "pretty" pictures.  Time for their close ups!  Their individuality and variance just amaze me.  Each is more beautiful than the last! 

Vibrant red ranunculus (and my feet...)

Bright pink ranunculus.  I love the unique ruffly star shape of this one.

A gorgeous pink and pistachio ranunculus.  Love the color variance in this one.

Beautiful blushing ranunculus.  Peonies, eat your heart out.

And my fave, striped green and purple ranunculus. 

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