Thursday, June 7, 2012

Locally Grown Blog Series: The Cats!

I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the resident cats that cal Windswept Acres home.  The moment I pulled in I was greeted by all of them!  And things went downhill from there rather quickly...

"Oooooh.  We have a visitor!  I'm sure she comes bearing gifts for us."
"Hi there.  My name's Yoda.  MaryLee's favorite (as designated by the colorful stripe on my head, as we do sort of all look alike.)  What have you brought for us, lady?"

"What's that?  Nothing?  You've brought us nothing?"

"Displeased.  Very displeased." 

In unison:  "Yes, we're all very displeased."
 I'm pretty sure that I was lucky to leave without having my tires slashed by some angry felines. Next time, I"ll have to make sure to line my pockets with Pounce and Whisker Lickens. 

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