Thursday, June 7, 2012

Locally Grown Blog Series: The Best of the Rest!

And here is everything else that was just too good to pass up!  

A bed of velvety soft and fragrant scented geranium.  Ooooh, to curl up and nap in there...

Beautiful blue tweedia!  One of the few truly blue flowers out there.
A bed of delphinium just getting growing and not yet flowering..  Except for this lone little guy who was just so excited he couldn't help himself!
With colors like that, I guess I can see why...
Sweet, Sweet William.

Beautiful baptisia.  This foliage is also a wonderful fresh cut green!

Allium, and more allium.  This photo just can't capture how statuesque these are.
Blue skies and their new sunflower barn quilt.
Oooh, did I forget to mention that they have ponds with waterfowl and wildlife?  Given a cup of coffee, an open schedule and a good book, I would have stayed all day...
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