Thursday, June 28, 2012


One of our favorite customers recently hosted a Parisian themed bridal shower, and while we were e-mailing and planning, she casually mentioned that maybe a fresh floral poodle would be a fun centerpiece... And that was all we needed! We were off and running!

Barbi, our master floral sculptress, took on the task and constructed a base of Oasis and PVC pipe legs (and lots of glue and dowels!)

Frenchie, naked.

20 football mums, 100 carnations, 5 hydrangeas, lots of cushion and button mums and 2 googley eyes later, we had ourselves a Frenchie, fully dressed and fluffy!

We posed her with our very own Joplin Japhet-whom promptly stole the show on our facebook page. We made a 3' tall dog completely out of fresh flowers and Joplin just sits. 7 comments on this photo on our facebook page, and 4 are about the cat. 
What a scene stealer. :)

After Barbi made her, I got the pleasure of being her chauffer.

Frenchie riding shotgun. (The back of the van was packed full of a wedding heading to Washington Island-but that's a future post.)

Driving around with a fresh flower dog is a great way to start a day! The looks you get are priceless. I really think we should always have some sort of fresh floral animal to ride around with. A poodle riding shotgun one week, an owl perched on the dash the next...

Frenchie residing in her place of honor for the shower. The reaction from the ladies at the shower was priceless too. When Dawn asked for a fresh floral poodle, I'm not sure that she was expecting life size!

Aarf! Aarf!

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Locally Grown Blog Series: The Best of the Rest!

And here is everything else that was just too good to pass up!  

A bed of velvety soft and fragrant scented geranium.  Ooooh, to curl up and nap in there...

Beautiful blue tweedia!  One of the few truly blue flowers out there.
A bed of delphinium just getting growing and not yet flowering..  Except for this lone little guy who was just so excited he couldn't help himself!
With colors like that, I guess I can see why...
Sweet, Sweet William.

Beautiful baptisia.  This foliage is also a wonderful fresh cut green!

Allium, and more allium.  This photo just can't capture how statuesque these are.
Blue skies and their new sunflower barn quilt.
Oooh, did I forget to mention that they have ponds with waterfowl and wildlife?  Given a cup of coffee, an open schedule and a good book, I would have stayed all day...
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Locally Grown Blog Series: The Cats!

I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the resident cats that cal Windswept Acres home.  The moment I pulled in I was greeted by all of them!  And things went downhill from there rather quickly...

"Oooooh.  We have a visitor!  I'm sure she comes bearing gifts for us."
"Hi there.  My name's Yoda.  MaryLee's favorite (as designated by the colorful stripe on my head, as we do sort of all look alike.)  What have you brought for us, lady?"

"What's that?  Nothing?  You've brought us nothing?"

"Displeased.  Very displeased." 

In unison:  "Yes, we're all very displeased."
 I'm pretty sure that I was lucky to leave without having my tires slashed by some angry felines. Next time, I"ll have to make sure to line my pockets with Pounce and Whisker Lickens. 

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Locally Grown Blog Series: Succulent Love!

This was my favorite find of the visit!  Succulents have been such a trend lately, and the colors and shapes of these just astounded me.  And, as a very low maintenance sort of gardener personally, I have such fondness and respect for succulent's low maintenance personality!

Pretty succulents all in a row.

Gorgeous striping...I've never seen one quite like this!

Blushing beauty...

Love this color combo...chartreuse and burgundy.

My other fave (next to the first striped one!)  Butter yellow, celadon green and magenta all in one little succulent!

And this duo, showing off one of the most popular color combos of the season-yellow and grey.  I am certain that MaryLee and Reed placed these two varieties side by side as they are so in tune to the trends!  :) 

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Locally Grown Blog Series: Ranunculus

 This past week, I had the pleasure of making an early morning visit to pick up some product from our local growers Windswept Acres.  I couldn't resist snapping photos of every beautiful blossom that caught my eye...and I'm going to have to split them up into several blogs to get them all on here!  First up, ranunculus!  (This one's for you, Rachel!)

A bed of beautiful ranunculus...

And yet more beautiful ranunculus...And now on to the "pretty" pictures.  Time for their close ups!  Their individuality and variance just amaze me.  Each is more beautiful than the last! 

Vibrant red ranunculus (and my feet...)

Bright pink ranunculus.  I love the unique ruffly star shape of this one.

A gorgeous pink and pistachio ranunculus.  Love the color variance in this one.

Beautiful blushing ranunculus.  Peonies, eat your heart out.

And my fave, striped green and purple ranunculus. 

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