Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Prom Open House Inspiration!

Given that our Prom Open House is coming up this weekend...

(I know. I know. Enough, already! I just want to make sure everybody knows so we can see you all there!)

Anyhow, I thought you might like to see the inspiration behind some of the new looks that we are going to be showing off for corsages and bouts. No finished product (that would be too much of a sneak peek!), but these are some of the ideas that we'll be running with!

First up, Ribbon Roses.

We love the softness these lend to corsages, and the fact that they will let us bring in colors that don't exist in nature! (Like all of those beautiful blue tones that have been so popular!) And we're hand-making them, so we can tailor them to any dress color!

Elegant Industrial!

Moving away from the softness, I love the almost industrial feel of these bouquets. I think it' s a bit too extreme, but some of that feel paired with the softness of fresh flowers in corsages and bouts will be both unusual and gorgeous!
And the guys will like the more masculine feel as well for bouts!

Paper and Fabric Leaves.

This is an idea that was born for a wedding that wanted to convey a music theme (the groom was a musician.) Once we started thinking about it, we realized this concept could go anywhere! It gives us flexibility to bring different patterns and textures (especially in fabric) into a bout or corsage! So many possibilities!

Our New Ti Leaf Ribbon!

So, this photo is actual fresh Ti leaves binding a bouquet. I couldn't find a photo of the leaf ribbon (it's that new!). It gives the same feel and look as fresh Ti leaves but it's more flexible and can be cut to size, so we can create curls, loops and wraps perfect for corsages and bouts! The possibilities for this are endless...We're all in love.


This look has been coming on in weddings for a little while now, and we're going to debut it this year from prom! (With a little more sparkle, of course!)
After all, what would be prom without a little sparkle?

Hope to see you all at the Open House this weekend!
Friday from 5-8 and Saturday from 9:30-5

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