Monday, February 20, 2012

Jay and Lindsay's Wedding!

Okay, so I've been a little lax on here lately! (Or, a lot!) But, I've still got some really, really great weddings from last season that I am determined to get posted before this next season starts. (Which, honestly, feels like it is right around the corner!)

Alright, this one is Jay and Lindsay's wedding from back in July. (Aaahhh. Remember July? 80+ degrees? And sunshine for 10+ hours a day?) Anyhow, I digress. This wedding was lovely. And Jay and Lindsay are truly lovely people. They had so many unique and special details that they put a lot of thought and their own time into creating. So, I really can't take credit for everything I'm about to share. :)

Let's start with my fave! GARDENIAS! In Lindsay's bridal bouquet! They look heavenly. And smell even better! I just did a wedding consult today for a bride who is leaning towards gardenias for herself. (Yes, Nicole. If you're reading this. Gardenias would be perfect for you! :) They've got such a wonderfully vintage glamour to them. And surrounded by English Garden roses, celosia and stephanotis, you can't go wrong!

And, not to forget about the bridesmaids. We brought a little more texture and color to theirs-with the focus on hydrangea, celosia, nigella, and of course, a few more roses. The celosia is the star in here for me-that velvety soft texture is gorgeous against the papery hydrangea petals.

On to my two favorite details. These made the wedding for me (these, and the gardenias, of course!) Both are beautifully sentimental nods to her parent's wedding.

Lindsay's bouquet was adorned with her parent's wedding rings. (Her mom's ring was so tiny-such a petite lady!)

Their unity candle, and the bridal bouquet, were both wrapped with embroidered lace from her mother's wedding gown. One of the most unique bouquet wraps and unity candle embellishments we've created.

I absolutely love the lace against the candle. Tone on tone, but the difference in texture is so dramatic. Simply beautiful. And such a beautiful significance.

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