Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jordan and Dave's (and Salty's) Wedding!

Yeah! Another succulent wedding! And this one was for one of our sweetest brides, Jordan! And it had a very special wedding party member in their pup, Salty. (But more on that later!)

First up, Jordan's bouquet featuring succulents, hydrangea, lisianthus, astrantia and cymbidium orchid blossoms.

The crystals centering one of the succulents provided her something blue...

And another succulent provided the perfect resting place for this amazingly beautiful crystal frog.

The bridesmaids carried hydrangea accented with bright green kermit mums and green trachelium.

For their unity ceremony, they "planted" a tree to grow for years to come. (Okay, they didn't really plant it. She wasn't out there in her gown with a shovel, but they added soil to represent the planting-and avoid getting dirt on her dress!) A nice alternative to the unity candle for an outdoor ceremony-and perfect for a ceremony at the Green Bay Botanical Garden!

And we couldn't resist putting a little jeweled nest with pearl eggs in that tree!

In keeping with the "tree theme," the favors were little saplings wrapped in burlap and Linkbound with chocolate ribbon and the centerpieces were birch branches displaying hanging votive candles.

And last, but certainly not least, their Newfoundland, Sir Salty. He walked down the aisle, and as such had to have flowers as a legitimate and honorable member of the wedding party.

So we created a floral collar full of cymbidium orchids (nothing but the best for Sir Salty!)

Complete with name tag just in case there would be any confusion as to which member of the wedding party got to wear the giant floral dog collar.

And here he is...

Sir Salty, stealing the show.

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