Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bay Area Humane Society PetWalk

Hello All! So, it's been a long time since you've heard from us on here! The ladies have been busy with wedding season so I decided to pitch in and help out on the blog.

Recently, there was an event that is near and dear to my heart...Bay Area Humane Society's Annual PetWalk. If you're not familiar with it, please visit their website to learn more. Anyhow, the general jist is that people collect donations to sponsor themselves and their pet in completing the 5K walk. The funds then go to help the furries in need at the shelter.
(And as you all know, I was a furry in need myself once!)

I did collect donations for participating, but my idea of "participating" is a bit different. I collected donations and pledged to nap and snuggle my way through PetWalk from the comfort of my pillow at the shop.

You see how it would be if I were to actually make an appearance at PetWalk...being one of the few feline representatives present, every dog in attendance would want to come over and exchange greetings and salutations (by sniffing my butt of course.) I, to this day, do not understand this about the canine species. Being a self-cleaning creature, I am familiar with my own behind and I do not see any reason to stick my (or anyone else's) nose down there beyond what is necessary for good hygiene. A simple "Hi. A pleasure to meet you. Joplin Japhet's the name. Best of luck to you with the walk." would have sufficed for all.

So, I chose to participate in my own way.

Here is a picture of me actively participating.

Hard work.

I am, however, considering re-evaluating my participation for next year. I think that with the appropriate means of transportation I could nap and snuggle while simultaneously completing the walk.
All I need is a feline sedan chair and some porters.

Of course, I would look considerably more regal.

Once the sedan chair is being carried by the porters, I should be out of reach of dog's noses (and will be out of the drool danger zone as well.) Except for maybe the occasional Great Dane. But then again, I have always found Great Danes to be one of the more refined breeds.

I will be holding auditions for porters in the near future. Please contact my shop ladies for consideration.

And, if you would like to help out the Bay Area Humane Society raise some extra funds, please consider donating directly to the shelter via their website or visiting Broadway Automotive's Facebook page. They are donating $5 for every "like" the receive!
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