Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring on a Snowy Day!

We thought everybody could use a bit of spring among the snowflakes today! Joplin Japhet enjoyed watching the snowflakes fall from his window perch.

And then, when he realizes I'm taking his picture, his inner diva comes out.


All right, enough Joplin love! (Not that he's not adorable). But, on to the spring stuff!

One of our newest additions! Zipper flowers! These happen to be made by the mother of the bride for one of our upcoming weddings this season!

Love, love, love these! (And love both our bride and her mom!) These are available as both brooches and barrettes! You will be seeing the Push staff modeling these as well. She had to re-stock our inventory after we ransacked the selections!

Also, just arrived...brand new metal garden accents!

Adorable bluebird bird houses!

And butterfly bird feeders! And hummingbird wind chimes! Oh My!

And cute little plant accents-for indoors or out!

Buzzing little bumble bees!

And sweet little garden snails!

And fluttering little butterflies!

Luminescent glass flower garden stakes! When the sunlight bounces off of and passes through these-they are gorgeous! (And they're inexpensive-only $10 each!)

And, from one of Joplin's favorite people...

We are freshly re-stocked on Barbi Gossen's handmade herb markers! Stop in early and get the best selection-before all the "basil" and "thyme" get "harvested!"

And lastly, adorable little jeweled nests filled with pearls and crystals!

Charming additions to fresh flower arrangements! And plants! And bridal bouquets! And place settings for an Easter brunch! Or a cute touch of spring for your desk at the office! You get the idea-put them everywhere! They're cute!

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