Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's a Prog! That's a Prom Blog!

The first of what will be many creations for our upcoming prom season! We love, love, love creating these! The dress colors are fabulous and fun and we love all of the details in the wires, ribbons, rhinestones, crystals and feathers! Especially the feathers! Finally, people are loving the feathers as much as I do!

Cymbidium orchids paired with wisps of ostrich feathers on a sheer red ribbon and red pearl wristlet.

The matching bout for him-detailed with red bullion wire.

Locally grown white freesia centered with crystals and sky blue rhinestones on our new crystal and rhinestone wristlet.

White dendrobium orchids on a turquoise rhinestone wristlet accented with turquoise tinted guinea hen feathers and iridescent rhinestones. (Love the guinea hen in this one!)

Barely blush cymbidium orchids and dendros accented with sprays of crystals and rhinestones and very subtle feather accents.

White mini callas and white ranunculus accented with rhinestones, beaded vines and ostrich wisps! My favorite!

And last, but not least, his matching bout!
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