Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's a Prog! That's a Prom Blog!

The first of what will be many creations for our upcoming prom season! We love, love, love creating these! The dress colors are fabulous and fun and we love all of the details in the wires, ribbons, rhinestones, crystals and feathers! Especially the feathers! Finally, people are loving the feathers as much as I do!

Cymbidium orchids paired with wisps of ostrich feathers on a sheer red ribbon and red pearl wristlet.

The matching bout for him-detailed with red bullion wire.

Locally grown white freesia centered with crystals and sky blue rhinestones on our new crystal and rhinestone wristlet.

White dendrobium orchids on a turquoise rhinestone wristlet accented with turquoise tinted guinea hen feathers and iridescent rhinestones. (Love the guinea hen in this one!)

Barely blush cymbidium orchids and dendros accented with sprays of crystals and rhinestones and very subtle feather accents.

White mini callas and white ranunculus accented with rhinestones, beaded vines and ostrich wisps! My favorite!

And last, but not least, his matching bout!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring on a Snowy Day!

We thought everybody could use a bit of spring among the snowflakes today! Joplin Japhet enjoyed watching the snowflakes fall from his window perch.

And then, when he realizes I'm taking his picture, his inner diva comes out.


All right, enough Joplin love! (Not that he's not adorable). But, on to the spring stuff!

One of our newest additions! Zipper flowers! These happen to be made by the mother of the bride for one of our upcoming weddings this season!

Love, love, love these! (And love both our bride and her mom!) These are available as both brooches and barrettes! You will be seeing the Push staff modeling these as well. She had to re-stock our inventory after we ransacked the selections!

Also, just arrived...brand new metal garden accents!

Adorable bluebird bird houses!

And butterfly bird feeders! And hummingbird wind chimes! Oh My!

And cute little plant accents-for indoors or out!

Buzzing little bumble bees!

And sweet little garden snails!

And fluttering little butterflies!

Luminescent glass flower garden stakes! When the sunlight bounces off of and passes through these-they are gorgeous! (And they're inexpensive-only $10 each!)

And, from one of Joplin's favorite people...

We are freshly re-stocked on Barbi Gossen's handmade herb markers! Stop in early and get the best selection-before all the "basil" and "thyme" get "harvested!"

And lastly, adorable little jeweled nests filled with pearls and crystals!

Charming additions to fresh flower arrangements! And plants! And bridal bouquets! And place settings for an Easter brunch! Or a cute touch of spring for your desk at the office! You get the idea-put them everywhere! They're cute!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Wedding Show at The Meadows

Just a few fabulous bouquet pics from our most recent wedding show at The Meadows! It was so fun to get to create bouquets with all of the wonderful spring blossoms just coming into season!

Ranunculus (which have been amazing so far this year!), locally grown (yes, locally grown) freesia (from our friends at Windswept Acres), hypericum and bear grass. I love the shape of this one, sort of a free-form asymmetrical cascade.

A darling clutch of red gerberas accented with loops of bear grass and a feathered butterfly (so adorable! I'm a sucker for butterflies!)

A dramatic hand-tied of orange roses combined with hot pink matsumoto asters, seeded euc and ribbon-like loops of Ti leaves. I think orange is one of those up and coming wedding colors. (Or at least I hope orange is an up and coming wedding color. For some reason I'm very fond of it lately! And I'm not normally an orange-loving girl!) I'm not saying we are going to see a ton of orange bridesmaid's dresses (don't worry bridesmaids-I don't think you'll be donning orange chiffon pick-ups anytime soon), but I love it as an accent color with something more neutral. Green tones, softer brown, greys, etc. Orange makes anything feel fresh and can make a statement in the simplest of designs.

Switching gears from that intense orange, a demure, simple and sweet clutch of lavender and white daisies and white waxflower.

Classic buttery yellow roses (one of my favorite varieties of yellow-called Skyline) paired with sweetly scented stock (smells like cinnamon and cloves) and citrusy-smelling waxflower. Mmmm. "buttery, cinnamon, cloves and citrus." Sounds like I'm writing for Food and Wine!

More roses! This time a beautiful lavender called Blue Curiosa paired with pink callas, the hottest of hot pink waxflower and some bling-tastic lavender crystals.

Spring. Purple anemones, hot pink freesia (again, locally grown!), soft pink hyacinth and pink matsumoto asters.

If you missed this show, but are still in wedding planning mode, visit us at the upcoming Visuelle Wedding Show on March 27th at the Fox Cities PAC! It's always a great show!
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles! Or at least a floral arrangement inspired by them!

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of creating a Beatles themed floral arrangement for a private event held at the Weidner Center in Green Bay. The event was themed to coordinate to the concert that evening-the Green Bay Symphony performing Beatles tunes.

And we got to make a FLORAL GUITAR!

How rockin' is that?

This was Barbi's creation, from pretty much start to finish! Here are a few close shots to show the detail she put into it! She wanted the guitar to be as "accurate" as possible-so we did some internet research to make sure it resembled the early guitars the Beatles played. At least as closely as it could-given that we're talking about flowers here!

A big thank you to my Dad for donating the 45s used in the design. No, they weren't Beatles 45s. He was only willing to part with those that he didn't deem worthy of his collection. (So we covered them with patterned lime green paper!) A true patron of the arts, that man.

And the incredibly inventive ladies at Not By Bread Alone got to create some amazing Beatles themed nibbles...

Strawberry Fields Forever.

Even better when dipped in chocolate!

And a carved watermelon! How adorable is that?

There was even a yellow submarine holding cocktail sauce! Visit their facebook page to see some more great pics that I missed!

Yes, we really do love our job! I mean, how could you not when you get paid to do this!?
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