Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why I Love Gerbera Daisies...by Joplin Japhet

A couple of weeks ago, the ladies had a wedding that used 200 gerbera daisies.

Pretty, no? Thank you to the fine people at Ever-Bloom in California for growing such a lovely product.

But, more importantly than that, when you order 200 gerberas they arrive in a giant box! It's even better than the printer box "that guy" got for me a while back. (Sorry Hewlett Packard and "that guy." Guess you'll just have to start making bigger printers so the boxes are bigger!)

It's got a great opening on the side that I can sneak into and observe the world. The white fluffy stuff (other than me) is the packaging they layer between the daisies. It also happens to be excellent cat napping material.

I can then exit with the appropriate post-nap dramatic feline stretch.

But my favorite feature...

Are alll of these great ventilation holes! Perfect for playing with my catnip fish. Or bear grass. Or seeded euc. Or ribbon.

It's also got a top tier that I can climb and perch upon. "I'm the King of the World."

Actually, I'm kind of sleepy. Playing is hard work.

I think I'd better take a nap on the veranda. Did I mention this box comes with it's own veranda?

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