Monday, January 3, 2011

My Favoritest New Toy!

Hello All! And a belated Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I am pleased to announce a new addition at Petal Pusher-well actually two. But I'm only pleased to announce one of them. Allow me to explain...

A while back, Barbi (one of my shop ladies) bought me this adorable catnip fish at Artstreet. It was love at first sight.


I love him so much I sometimes wear him as a kicky little beret.

It's not every cat that can pull off this look, but don't worry-I can.

It gets even better! After seeing my fondness for this fabulous little fish, the ladies here contacted the artist (Ms. Elizabeth Anderson at Artess Designs-she makes lots of other cute stuff too!) and now we sell them! Unfortunately, they are stored in a lidded glass container because I have been told that I do not need a new catnip fish every day. Whatever.

But, the silver lining is the box that the catnip fish arrive in!

Aaaahhhh. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like sleeping in catnip-scented cardboard. And the boxes are just the right size too. I sure do love that Ms. Anderson!

Anyhow, the first shipment came with an unexpected surprise.

Ugh. His name is Snag. Look at him. With all his buggy-eyed cutness. I can't even stand it.

And he's always so chipper. And awake. It's like he never sleeps. Like he's undead or something. Doesn't he know cats are supposed to sleep 23 hours a day? He always seems to interrupt my naps. I have my suspicions that the shop ladies have something to do with this, but given that I'm asleep until being awoken by Snag jumping on me, I can't prove it. But I suspect that they must assist him, given that he doesn't have legs.

Awoken again, by Snag. Wait, why are they taking my picture? It's like they knew Snag was going to wake me up.

Get out of the way, Snag. I'm the cute one here. They're here to take my picture anyhow. Do you have your own twitter account, Snag? I didn't think so.
(My twitter account is @joplinjaphet, btw! In case you were interested!)

In all fairness though, Snag is good for one thing.

He makes an excellent pillow.

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