Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Notre Dame Floral Showcase

This past week, we had the opportunity to participate in a unique event-the First Annual Notre Dame Floral Design Showcase. The event was a fundraiser for Notre Dame's choral program and featured designers from Burst, Aster Park, Schroeder's and Branching Out. We all got to bring product of our own choosing and create an original design on stage-one each for six different categories. Frank from Frank's Dinner Theater provided the commentary-he was hilarious and most interested in discovering what flowers he could eat!

The arrangements were sent home at the end of the event with lucky attendees (drawn randomly!). I missed pics of some as they went out the door quickly! But here's what I did capture!

This is one of my favorites. It represents spring to me. At least, spring in Wisconsin! We always get that one late season snow that blankets the bulb plants and then melts away. The daffodils are real (I had a lot of people ask me that!) but the snow isn't (it's that really cool fake snow stuff that you just mix with water. It's cold, it's wet, it totally looks real! And yes, we sell it :)

This is my tropical arrangement. It features protea, tropical foliage and beautiful phaleonopsis and paphiopedilum orchids. Unfortunately, in this shot the paphiopedilum orchids are being a bit camera shy and faced the wrong direction. If you want to treat yourself, just run a google image search on them. They are amazing. For this design, I wanted to work with pinks and purples as everyone thinks of tropical flowers in oranges, red and yellows.

Here are those warm colors! They are wonderful to see in the middle of winter, so I couldn't leave them out. This is my long and low design which features gloriosa lilies, acacia, tillandsia and marble vine.

I extended the long and low line by suspending some gloriosas in water tubes (wrapped in faux-leaf ribbon) among horizontally-placed birch branches which ran the length of the arrangement.

And two quick close-ups of some of the starring stems from the evening. Above, "black" anthurium and that beautiful phaleonopsis. And below, the marble vine and tillandsia.

It was a fantastic evening. It got to work next to my former co-worker (Jay from Burst) and we had a blast. My fellow designers and I have even grander plans for next year! There was talk of doing a "musical chairs" design. We each start a design and then change stations and finish someone else's. Stay tuned to our facebook page, and I'll make sure to post details on next years as they become available! I'm sure it will be bigger, better and even more fabulous!
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wedding Show!

Just a few of the bouquets we created for the recent PMI wedding show a few weeks ago. We always love a chance to create whatever our little florist hearts desire!

Locally grown (yes, locally grown!) white calla lilies detailed with rhinestone "pistils" and paired with football mums, button mums and silvered seeded euc. Wrapped in a cloud of tulle and complete with it's own train! A very couture bouquet!

Cream roses paired with fragrant stock, hyacinth and waxflower and accented with pale green cymbidiums. Smells like heaven!

Simple and sweet gerberas centered with pearls and detailed with a contrasting French twist ribbon wrap.

Our friend Paul over at Krystal Kleer Ice Sculptures was kind enough to create the ice columns and vases for our booth. (Yes, that entire thing is ice!) These definitely generated some oohs and aahs. People had to touch them to verify they were really ice (yes, they were wet and cold!) If you want to see a bit more of his work and ooh and aah for yourself, visit his gallery on his website! Thank you Paul! You never cease to amaze us!

Always one of my favorites- a cymbidium orchid pomander. Such an unexpected, yet elegant choice for bridesmaids or flower girls.

One of our newest looks-Barbi has mastered creating ribbon roses. A beautiful addition to bouquets and a wonderful keepsake as well. Accented with aggapanthus, star of bethlehem, Amnesia roses and lavender crystals.

More of those beautiful rich lavender Amensia roses. The word that comes to mind to describe their color is "murky"-but I know that is not a lovely word! It's like a non-pastel lavender. A lavender with grey and green added. One of my wholesale reps lovingly refers to their color as "zombie flesh." Again, not a lovely comparison. But I think they're beautiful roses! In this bouquet they are paired with the always lovely Black Baccara and pheasant feathers.

And last, but not least, another one of my favorite bouquet choices! I love non-bouquet bouquets! A darling black evening bag filled with bright yellow cymbidium orchids. Too cute.
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Monday, January 3, 2011

My Favoritest New Toy!

Hello All! And a belated Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I am pleased to announce a new addition at Petal Pusher-well actually two. But I'm only pleased to announce one of them. Allow me to explain...

A while back, Barbi (one of my shop ladies) bought me this adorable catnip fish at Artstreet. It was love at first sight.


I love him so much I sometimes wear him as a kicky little beret.

It's not every cat that can pull off this look, but don't worry-I can.

It gets even better! After seeing my fondness for this fabulous little fish, the ladies here contacted the artist (Ms. Elizabeth Anderson at Artess Designs-she makes lots of other cute stuff too!) and now we sell them! Unfortunately, they are stored in a lidded glass container because I have been told that I do not need a new catnip fish every day. Whatever.

But, the silver lining is the box that the catnip fish arrive in!

Aaaahhhh. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like sleeping in catnip-scented cardboard. And the boxes are just the right size too. I sure do love that Ms. Anderson!

Anyhow, the first shipment came with an unexpected surprise.

Ugh. His name is Snag. Look at him. With all his buggy-eyed cutness. I can't even stand it.

And he's always so chipper. And awake. It's like he never sleeps. Like he's undead or something. Doesn't he know cats are supposed to sleep 23 hours a day? He always seems to interrupt my naps. I have my suspicions that the shop ladies have something to do with this, but given that I'm asleep until being awoken by Snag jumping on me, I can't prove it. But I suspect that they must assist him, given that he doesn't have legs.

Awoken again, by Snag. Wait, why are they taking my picture? It's like they knew Snag was going to wake me up.

Get out of the way, Snag. I'm the cute one here. They're here to take my picture anyhow. Do you have your own twitter account, Snag? I didn't think so.
(My twitter account is @joplinjaphet, btw! In case you were interested!)

In all fairness though, Snag is good for one thing.

He makes an excellent pillow.

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