Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Triple Wedding

So it's not often that we devote an entire blog entry to just the bouquets for one wedding, but then again, it's not often that we do one wedding that involves 19 bouquets!

3 Brides, 1 Maid of Honor, 9 Bridesmaids, 3 Flower Girls and 3 Toss Bouquets!

First off, our Bridesmaids who wore navy blue chiffon...

Dahlias in orange and red-yellow tones accented with locally-grown gomphrena, bear grass loops and collared with fatsia foliage. The bouquets were also collared with rose hips (which you can't see in the picture!) They were a last-minute addition and a beautiful contrast in texture.

Our maid of honor, Grace. The maid of honor for all three brides-hence, the maid of honor, cubed!

Grace got to choose her very own special bouquet-dahlias in accordance with the other bridesmaids but made that much more special with the addition of beautiful yellow cymbidium orchids and loops of oncidium orchids! We loved this one! Simple, but yet oh-so dramatic!

And the first of our brides...Claire!

Claire loved gerbera daisies, yellow roses and the soft, fuzzy textures of celosia, centaurea and safflower (say that three times fast!) The combination was accented with red freesia, crocosmia, brunnia and hypericum.

Next up, Katie!

Katie has beautiful red hair, and she completely let us decide what her bouquet would be! I would love to say that I chose these beautiful glowing Circus roses to compliment the warmth of her hair color, but that was just a happy coincidence! I really picked them cuz I love them, and hoped she would too! (She did!)

And last, but certainly not least, our planner extraordinaire-Helen!

Helen loved all the little detailed stuff with unique shapes-the ranunculus, fern curls, parrot tulips, and dahlias. Pay special attention to the ranunculus with the green centers-they are mutant! And gorgeous!

And last but not least, a beautiful picture of each bride paired with her corresponding flower girl!

Below is a report from WLUK Fox 11 showing the beautiful brides (with their beautiful bouquets) on their wedding day!

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