Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kunkel Triple Wedding! Part One

For those of you who haven't heard (you must be living under a rock :) we have a very big deal wedding going on here in Northeast Wisconsin-specifically on the St. Norbert College Campus in De Pere, Wisconsin. The St. Norbert College President, Mr. Thomas Kunkel and his wife Deb have four lovely daughters.

Three of which are getting married in one ceremony this Saturday!
The fourth sister (bless her) is acting as maid of honor for all three!

So this is the first of several blogs outlining the planning, prep and flowers of this once-in-a-lifetime event!

You may wonder how in the world 3 sisters plan to share one wedding day...fortunately, one of the sisters has been dreaming of her wedding day since she was a little girl and she happens to have wonderful taste. The other two decided to hop on board! All three sisters got engaged within 16 days of each other and after a bit of discussing, they decided to join forces and create a wedding trifecta! To hear more about how this came to be from the mom and dad of the bride(s), check out their interview on Good Day Wisconsin! To hear more from the bride(s) and groom(s), check out their interview on CBS' The Early Show!

So hear are some of the floral-related stats going into this fantastic event...

3 Brides, 3 Grooms, One Maid of Honor (cubed!), 9 Bridesmaids, 3 Flower Girls, 9 Groomsmen, 7 Ushers, and 4 Sets of Parents

300 dahlias, 150 parrot tulips, 130 oncidium orchids, 100 roses, 50 rose hips, 10 bunches of bear grass, 5 bunches of seeded euc, 30 hydrangea, 10 sprays of cymbidium orchids, 70 hypericum berry, 60 red hot poker, 120 gomphrena, 80 crocosmia, 100 ranunculus (some of them are mutant!), 60 fern curls, 60 fatsia, 30 helenium, and many more.

And one super excited floral shop staff! (And shop kitty of course!)

No disrespect meant to the flowers I can't remember right now. I'm trying to do a mental inventory of what's chilling in the cooler right now and I'm sure I'm missing a few.

So I know you now want a sneak peek of the colors and flowers we're using (unless you knew all of the names I just listed!) See below for our spot on Good Day Wisconsin. And you know the rules-no laughing at me!

Stay tuned for more posts! Pics of in-progress items to come tomorrow!
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  1. OMG - I would die keeping that all straight! How did you manage the consultation, did the one bride make all the plans or was everyone involved? On the plus side, only one MOB to deal with LOL!

  2. It was a piece of cake. Helen (one of the brides) and Deb (an amazing MOB) did all of the planning. With some serious help from the St. Norbert College staff! Their dad is the college president, so they had a staff that really knew the ins and outs of events at the venue. Claire gave some input on her bouquet and Katie just said that whatever we decided was fine! She never even came in for a consult (lives on the east coast). Helen was one of those perfect brides: she could describe what she (they) wanted but didn't micromanage it-still allowed us a ton of creative freedom! I wish they were all like this-it was an amazing experience! We did check, check and recheck everything though! With the tv coverage I was not going to have any sort of a snafu on this one!


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