Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Door County Wedding!

This weekend took us to beautiful Door County! Bailey's Harbor's to be more specific. Gordon Lodge to be exact! One of my favorite locations in Door County. It's been around for more than 80 years, so it has this wonderfully old school 1940s/50s resort vibe, but yet feels totally up-to-date and luxe. And the staff are all incredibly, ridiculously nice! I always say that about everyone when we set up at Lambeau Field, but apparently it applies to Gordon Lodge too! Wonder what those two locations have in common....hmmmm....

Anyhow, on to the pretty flower pictures!

Molly's bridal bouquet of dahlias, ranunculus, James Story orchids, spider mums and snowberry. Love it.

The bridesmaid's carried clutches of red and burgundy dahlias. Even Hannah- "the matron of dishonor!" That's how she was introduced to me-but I highly doubt she really earned that name! Sorry-just couldn't resist including that Hannah!

Centerpieces of antique hydrangea and those gorgeous red and burgundy dahlias. In glass cubes-yes, the cube is underneath those flowers somewhere!

Contrasting centerpieces of sprays of James Story orchids on tall glass cylinders. Accented with the same antique hydrangea and some very locally-sourced Diablo ninebark! Thank you Jody!

A huge stone fireplace is the showpiece of the dining room. This picture doesn't really do it justice! My heavy-lifting assistant (otherwise known as my husband) had to climb a ladder just to get the arrangements up on the mantle!

And lastly, my favorite detail, perhaps the most darling and meaningful favor I've seen to date...

These tiny little jade plants...but read on...

Okay, so the card is hard to read in my photo, but here goes...

"Good luck, Friendship and Prosperity"

"These jade plants are rooted from the Davis family's decades old jade tree. A gift of friendship holding strong, throughout many years and many changes.

They are now our gift to you."

An heirloom from the bride's family shared with guests and a gift that symbolizes friendship and good luck.

Beyond perfect!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer Wedding at Pamperin Park!

A recent summer wedding at Pamperin Park! One of my favorite locations-I love the old stone building there that the reception was held in. (Husby and I had our shower there!) The ceremony was held outside at noon. An early ceremony time, but one that allowed their guests to enjoy a beautiful reception on a summer afternoon and into the evening!

Lexi's bridal bouquet of snapdragons and freesia collared with hosta and pittosporum. A unique combination-very light and whimsical. I wish I had a picture of Lexi in her dress-tea length and lovely! Her excitement and smile were absolutely contagious. It was like she was walking into a fairy tale and soaking up every minute of it!

Centerpieces of birch branches accented with white snapdragons and strung with our glass crystals. Each centerpiece was paired with cylinders of assorted green fruit-the perfect unexpected punch of color on the white linens! The groom made the "fruit run" to Woodman's and brought it in for us to work with. He did such a good job of selecting the best of the crop, that some of the apples were too big to fit in the cylinders! We went and picked up some "less impressive" apples that were able to fit. We wound up enjoying some delicious apple pie courtesy of the extra apples and one of our designer's skills in the kitchen!

Crystal close-up shot! Courtesy of the lovely ladies at Seize the Day who were kind enough to share this pic with us!

And lastly, their gorgeous head table! (Linens and chiavari chairs also courtesy of Seize the Day!) I loved the contrasting black and green linens and it's placement in the band shell-perfectly inventive use of the space!

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