Monday, August 16, 2010

Maria and Donald's Wedding!

So it bums me out to realize I am now officially a month behind on blogging our weddings! But this one was so lovely, I had to make sure to get these photos up!

Bridal bouquet of antique hydrangea, roses, dendrobium orchids, fern curls, sweet peas, and the star of the show...

Chocolate Cosmos!

Their ceremony was held at one of my favorite churches: Old St. Joe's on the St. Norbert College Campus. This church is stunning in it's simplicity. (And it holds a special spot in my heart as my husby and I got married there!)

Close-up of the altar arrangements in our silver urns.

A wider shot of the church (borrowed from their website) that gives a sense of the beautiful simplicity I mentioned. I also love the fact that the chairs are situated in the round, surrounding the couple rather than looking at their backs while they exchange vows!

On to the reception!

We used the same silver urns to create the tall centerpieces for the guest tables.

And the low centerpieces got extra special, super adorable fern curls hearts! Love those!

Also love the rose shown in the center of this shot-called Amnesia. Such a beautiful smokey lavender-pink tone.

And I saved the dessert for last!

A beautiful cake from Lindsay at the Runaway Spoon! Complete with a fern curl heart and sweet pea cascade!

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1 comment:

  1. We were happy to have such beautiful flowers for the cake! Great work, as always, Nichole.

    (You might have already known this, but Lindsay and I were married at Old St. Joe's, too!)


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