Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blond Marries Brit!

This wedding was one of those beautiful June weddings that really had a lot going for it, so I formulated a list! Read on...

#1 An incredibly adorable and creative bride who had an amazing concept for what she wanted the day to be.

Her bouquet of cymbids, fern curls, lisianthus, leucodendron, lambs ear, Aussie ferns and hypericum berry.

#2 Who married an incredibly handsome and charming British groom. Complete with accent.

His bout of miniature cymbid, fern curl, bear grass and Aussie fern.

#3 Surrounded by an amazingly fun bunch of people, seriously having a good time and enjoying all of the moments-even those unplanned ones. Like deodorant stains on a bridesmaid's dress!

Said bridesmaid's bouquet of cymbidium orchids, spider mums, fern curls, well-you get the idea.

Other fantastic little details that I don't have pics for but loved...

#4 Wedding ceremony at the always lovely Green Bay Botanical Garden on a beautiful June day!

#5 The groom serenaded the bride down the aisle by playing piano. Does it get any more romantic?

#6 The British ladies in attendance wore the most fabulous hats! And as a closeted hat wearer-I loved it! I seriously wanted to take pictures but didn't want them to wonder if all American women were as strange as I... "Hi! I don't know you-but can I take your picture for my blog?"

#7 And lastly, the intimate reception was at Chives. Home of the most amazing butternut squash ravioli known to man.

Centerpieces in asymmetrical series-our bride was a fellow symmetry hater. Petite arrangements of spider mums, potted ferns, succulents under glass cloches and votives.

And yes, they were serving the ravioli. I checked the menu cards just to make sure. Everything was perfect.

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  1. sweet post! and even sweeter looking flowers. i am sure you are talking about morgan's wedding, as she is blond and he is british...i know melissa (morgan's sister) and have met morgan. i had heard the wedding was beautiful. enjoy the day!!

  2. Thank you! Both Morgan and Melissa are wonderful and the day was indeed beautiful! GB sure is a small town!


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