Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day is Coming!

Hello everyone!
I am Barbi, the newest of the Petal Pusher staff. I return after a 4.5 year hiatus to Kent State University where I obtained my Master of Fine Arts. I am excited to be back here and I love designing flowers!
Besides designing flowers, I have been one of the consignment artists with work here for 3 years. I have a line of jewelry that includes a lot of floral inspired motifs and colorful enameled pieces. Everything is hand made in my basement studio with the finest of materials including fine and sterling silver and Japanese enamels.

Today I would like to introduce my newest line created specially with mother's day in mind. These pieces are made with circles of copper and silver metals textured with hammers, steel stamps and fabric imprints.

The lace texture is my favorite and lends a soft texture to metal that any mother would love! Multiple circles strung together give a lot of movement in both the earrings and bracelets and make all light and comfortable to wear. I seriously want these for myself, but haven't had the time make myself any yet (I always try to give you all the best options before I update my own jewelry wardrobe!)

I have also restocked with new enameled orchid pins in both the dendrobium size and the smaller oncidium size. All are colorfully enameled and add interest to any outfit or coat and can even be tucked into any up-do to add a little fancy touch to your style.

And, what mom doesn't love jewelry and flowers? A great idea for mother's day is to combine jewelry into floral arrangements so that your mom has a terrific floral gift she can keep as well as having fresh, beautiful, and lovely smelling flowers to enjoy now! I have even used orchid pins and other customized floral pins in bridal bouquets to give a bride a lovely keepsake from her bouquet.

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