Thursday, May 27, 2010

What an Exciting Spring!

So this isn't really a true blog entry, it's more a list of stuff we are excited about! But I promise to end with a pic of Joplin and flowers-I think that helps to legitimize things a bit!

1) We were a finalist for Green Bay Press Gazette's Best of the Bay! I apologize if this is redundant and you've heard me say it before (on fb or twitter) but we're pretty excited! I'd like to shout it from the roof tops! This is the first time we've ever made it as a finalist, so a huge thank you to all of you who voted for us!

2) The 26th Annual Green Bay Botanical Garden Fair is June 4th, 5th and 6th. And we love the Garden Fair! Yes, we'll be there-resplendent in our fresh floral hats with samples of our gourmet foods, lavender lemonade and other adorable and unique garden accents and plants. (Yes, I think gardenia trees are adorable. The two I have at home are named Mr. and Mrs. Gardenia. Original, huh? Dorky, yes.) We are also teaching a class on Thursday night to create your own fresh floral hat for the fair. And here you thought you'd never have an excuse to wear a hat festooned with fresh thought wrong!

3) Our facebook bridal bouquet giveaway winner-Ms. Heidi Boehm! I had a chance to meet with her yesterday and she made my morning! She is planning a beautiful outdoor ceremony in August and her bouquet is going to be stunning. When we sat down, I asked her what some of her favorite flowers were and she said orchids. She had me at orchids! We are so looking forward to creating this-it will be summery, bright, unique and even have a little bling to boot!

4) Wedding Season is officially underway! We've transitioned from prom and senior ball season into wedding season! And we're so excited! This is truly some of our absolute favorite work and we are so ready to get started! We promise lots of pics on the blog, fb and twitter-so stay tuned!

An as promised, the Joplin-flower picture!

This is Joplin posing next to a fresh flower puppy we had created for one of our customers. Yes, they are both white and fluffy and cute. We put a poll up on facebook as to who was cuter-you'll be happy to know Joplin won easily. Although the puppy is pretty darn cute.

5) And speaking of flower puppies, here's one more thing we're excited about! We get to create Clifford the Big Red Dog out of flowers this weekend for a little boy's Clifford-themed birthday! His mom has just a little bit of experience planning events so she thinks of everything! Even flower dogs! Pics to follow-promise!
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cat Toys...Flower Shop Style

Hello All!

Thought you might want to get a peek at what a flower shop kitty does for fun. I mean, when I'm not working really, really hard. And when I'm not napping. Or grooming. Anyhow, life in a flower shop provides all sorts of interesting toys.

First off, there are the organic options. The ladies often use elements in their designs that double as entertainment for me. My particular favorites are wisps of bear grass and curly willow.

This is me wrangling some bear grass. It's feisty stuff.

I also enjoy the additional habitat provided by the shop. This is me in a jungle of palm and dracaena.

While I am allowed to hide in the plants, I am under strict orders not to taste test them. Whatever.

And speaking of habitat, I do very much enjoy the packaging that the fresh flowers arrive in.

This stiff paper that bunches are wrapped in creates a fantastic impromptu shelter to pounce from.

And the flower boxes come full of tissue that protects the blossoms during transport. It also happens to be great to wrestle with.

And my favorite habitat as of late is this big box that our new printer came in.

I can just fit my paws out of the cut-in handles on the sides. And yes, I have very big, very furry paws. I am a Turkish Van after all.

And one must always be prepared for the potential attack from above. I can't tell you how many times I've been ambushed by that pipe cleaner (which is also a handy floral tool turned cat toy.)

I would just like to extend my endorsement to the HP Officejet 6500. Excellent cat-related packaging. I have instructed That Guy (aka Nichole's husband) who is the head of our IT department (actually he is our IT department) to budget for a new printer, and hence new box, every few months.

The ladies here often enjoy certain refreshments that I also find enjoyable. Friday evenings after a long work week are often celebrated with a glass of wine.

Which means, I get the cork! An yes, in this photo it appears the cork has got the best of me. I wasn't indulging in the wine-I swear.

And the ladies have a fondness for sugary treats too. Particularly these little Sour Cherry Balls.

I like them because they roll. Bombs Away!
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day is Coming!

Hello everyone!
I am Barbi, the newest of the Petal Pusher staff. I return after a 4.5 year hiatus to Kent State University where I obtained my Master of Fine Arts. I am excited to be back here and I love designing flowers!
Besides designing flowers, I have been one of the consignment artists with work here for 3 years. I have a line of jewelry that includes a lot of floral inspired motifs and colorful enameled pieces. Everything is hand made in my basement studio with the finest of materials including fine and sterling silver and Japanese enamels.

Today I would like to introduce my newest line created specially with mother's day in mind. These pieces are made with circles of copper and silver metals textured with hammers, steel stamps and fabric imprints.

The lace texture is my favorite and lends a soft texture to metal that any mother would love! Multiple circles strung together give a lot of movement in both the earrings and bracelets and make all light and comfortable to wear. I seriously want these for myself, but haven't had the time make myself any yet (I always try to give you all the best options before I update my own jewelry wardrobe!)

I have also restocked with new enameled orchid pins in both the dendrobium size and the smaller oncidium size. All are colorfully enameled and add interest to any outfit or coat and can even be tucked into any up-do to add a little fancy touch to your style.

And, what mom doesn't love jewelry and flowers? A great idea for mother's day is to combine jewelry into floral arrangements so that your mom has a terrific floral gift she can keep as well as having fresh, beautiful, and lovely smelling flowers to enjoy now! I have even used orchid pins and other customized floral pins in bridal bouquets to give a bride a lovely keepsake from her bouquet.

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