Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Wedding Must Go On-With Flowers!

Earlier in April (my apologies for the delay-we had to take a prom detour) we had the pleasure of creating a lovely and vibrant spring wedding. The bridesmaids wore a deep teal/peacock tone that we contrasted with bright orange, fuchsia and yellow in the flowers. The only exception was her bridal bouquet-she carried white tulips, ranunculus and stephanotis. With bling of course!

Here, a photo of all of the flowers, boxed, ready and waiting. And now, the story gets interesting...

The groom had elected to pick up the ceremony flowers to save the delivery fee (which I get-they hadn't selected anything elaborate for the ceremony and chose to focus more on the reception-and the ceremony was a half an hour away down in Appleton). The bride said "Fine, but you are in charge of handling it or delegating to someone else." I had asked the bride what time to anticipate the pick-up and she said "11:30 at the latest" At 11:45 I called the bride, concerned that no one had picked up the flowers yet! I know 15 minutes isn't that late, but I just had a weird feeling. She maintained her calm (mostly-I think there was a bit of underlying panic in her voice!) and said she would check with the groom as to what was going on. Yep-he forgot. Forgot to pick them up and forgot to ask anyone else to do it! He was already at the church-a half an hour away! After a few frantic phone calls, they found a guest still in GB who was able to pick up the flowers from us and bring them with on their way to the ceremony! Otherwise, plan B was closing my shop, hopping in the van and bringing them down myself! The wedding must go on-with flowers!

I told the bride she should never allow him to live that one down. She has since requested a replica of her bridal bouquet for every anniversary. Sounds fair to me!

Anyhow, on to the reception! We delivered and set these up for them, so they were there-no problem!

Centerpieces of submerged tulips-so simple, so spring.

Tulips swirled in a bubble bowl-bless those flexible stems! Their table numbers were presented on large river rock which reflected the river rock in the centerpieces. It was a nice fit with the organic feel of the centerpieces and the "lake effect" of the deep turquoise and soft silver/grey of the linens.

Wedding Cake-created by the mother of the groom! (Sara-correct me if I've got that wrong!) How cute! I love that little couple on top!

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