Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Not Recommended Recipe Post...

So I'm blogging a recipe Shawn and I made this weekend. This is in no way an endorsement of said recipe. I did not like it-Shawn thought it was amazing. Shawn suggested I blog it (before we made it!) Thought it might be a nice change from being all about flowers interspersed with the occasional cat post. We made it, we took the pictures, and here it is. But again, not recommended.

Anyhow, Shawn found this old 1960s cookbook I had bought at a used book sale and is now fascinated with it. He found a recipe enticingly titled "Meat and Cabbage (Old German Recipe)" The Pennsylvania Dutch apparently do not believe in flowery language, or even adjectives for that matter. (Though "old" and "German" technically qualify.) The recipe turns out to be cabbage rolls stuffed with ground beef and rice, and we are underway.

Cleaning cabbage leaves. And while this isn't supposed to be about flowers, I'm thinking that the coloration of these with the green leaves and white veining would make the most beautiful wrap on a cylinder vase. (Floral reference? Check.) Anyhow, I set the thick outer leaves out for our little bunny family currently residing in our backyard, but they were not interested. That should have told me something...

Blanching cabbage leaves to soften for rolling.

Linux (aka Baby L or Tweak) wondering why the house smells like nasty blanched cabbage leaves. (Cat reference? Check.)

Let me also take this moment to note that we didn't just make the six servings the recipe was written for. Shawn knew he liked cabbage rolls (I'd never had them) so he was confident in doubling. We don't get a lot of time to cook during the week so it is nice to have left overs. Before I noticed, Shawn had unknowingly mixed all three pounds of ground beef (the 3 lb pack was on sale) into the filling instead of the 2 lbs the doubled recipe would have called for. So we were now making 18 cabbage rolls. Oh boy.

The sauce used tomato soup, onions, lemon juice, fresh parsley. That part was good-much fresher and brighter than I would have expected. Got to give a photo credit to our family name!

The finished pan ready for it's two hour bake in the oven. And please note, we had two pans of this size!

Two hours in the oven does not do pretty things to cabbage. Flavor-wise I would be okay with everything, but the texture of slimy, cooked cabbage leaves does not work for me. Reminded me of these preserved stuffed grape leaves we had gotten from igourmet. Hated those too. Shawn loved them. Should have thought of that before we made 18 of these things. And we've got 14 cabbage rolls to go this week (Shawn ate 3, I ate .5)

I told the pets they're getting them for breakfast.

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