Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Buffet Florals-and Sugar!

Hello All! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

We created florals for a few Easter brunch buffets at area venues. The pictures that follow are from the Radisson. The Radisson is a huge facility, so we really can't create anything too big there! These first pics are of the main buffet arrangement. I don't know if the pics give a good sense of scale, but it reached from the design counter to the ceiling at the shop. The urn itself is about waist high on me. After I made it, I couldn't lift it on my own to put it in the cooler! And thank God I took Shawn (husband) along for set up as it had to be lifted onto the center of a platform elevated on the buffet. I would never have been able to do that!

The center of the arrangement is accented with ostrich eggs (Their shells are like stone. If you drop one on the design room floor, they bounce-thankfully! I cannot believe baby birds can hatch out of those!) and purple artichokes (yes, a fresh cut artichoke! Not the grocery store variety!)

One of the "smaller" florals on the main food buffet.

And my favorite, the dessert buffet. The strange looking silver item will be a chocolate fountain!

And, on to the sugar. In beautiful pastry, tart and cake form. I bet there were 30-40 of these lovelies laid out across the tables.

And all unique! I have no patience for creating this sort of thing. I once tried to decorate a cake with caramel-dipped pecans that were supposed to be finished with this beautiful little stiff caramel tail rising up and a fluff of spun sugar on the center of the cake. At approximately 3 am I was standing in a kitchen of sticky surfaces with caramel-dipped pecans in serious need of some Viagra. I went to bed. And we still managed to eat the cake sans decor.

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1 comment:

  1. Viagra for your pecans - that's nuts!

    I just love the form of artichokes. I'm not sure my tiny garden has room for them.


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