Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Not Recommended Recipe Post...

So I'm blogging a recipe Shawn and I made this weekend. This is in no way an endorsement of said recipe. I did not like it-Shawn thought it was amazing. Shawn suggested I blog it (before we made it!) Thought it might be a nice change from being all about flowers interspersed with the occasional cat post. We made it, we took the pictures, and here it is. But again, not recommended.

Anyhow, Shawn found this old 1960s cookbook I had bought at a used book sale and is now fascinated with it. He found a recipe enticingly titled "Meat and Cabbage (Old German Recipe)" The Pennsylvania Dutch apparently do not believe in flowery language, or even adjectives for that matter. (Though "old" and "German" technically qualify.) The recipe turns out to be cabbage rolls stuffed with ground beef and rice, and we are underway.

Cleaning cabbage leaves. And while this isn't supposed to be about flowers, I'm thinking that the coloration of these with the green leaves and white veining would make the most beautiful wrap on a cylinder vase. (Floral reference? Check.) Anyhow, I set the thick outer leaves out for our little bunny family currently residing in our backyard, but they were not interested. That should have told me something...

Blanching cabbage leaves to soften for rolling.

Linux (aka Baby L or Tweak) wondering why the house smells like nasty blanched cabbage leaves. (Cat reference? Check.)

Let me also take this moment to note that we didn't just make the six servings the recipe was written for. Shawn knew he liked cabbage rolls (I'd never had them) so he was confident in doubling. We don't get a lot of time to cook during the week so it is nice to have left overs. Before I noticed, Shawn had unknowingly mixed all three pounds of ground beef (the 3 lb pack was on sale) into the filling instead of the 2 lbs the doubled recipe would have called for. So we were now making 18 cabbage rolls. Oh boy.

The sauce used tomato soup, onions, lemon juice, fresh parsley. That part was good-much fresher and brighter than I would have expected. Got to give a photo credit to our family name!

The finished pan ready for it's two hour bake in the oven. And please note, we had two pans of this size!

Two hours in the oven does not do pretty things to cabbage. Flavor-wise I would be okay with everything, but the texture of slimy, cooked cabbage leaves does not work for me. Reminded me of these preserved stuffed grape leaves we had gotten from igourmet. Hated those too. Shawn loved them. Should have thought of that before we made 18 of these things. And we've got 14 cabbage rolls to go this week (Shawn ate 3, I ate .5)

I told the pets they're getting them for breakfast.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Wedding Must Go On-With Flowers!

Earlier in April (my apologies for the delay-we had to take a prom detour) we had the pleasure of creating a lovely and vibrant spring wedding. The bridesmaids wore a deep teal/peacock tone that we contrasted with bright orange, fuchsia and yellow in the flowers. The only exception was her bridal bouquet-she carried white tulips, ranunculus and stephanotis. With bling of course!

Here, a photo of all of the flowers, boxed, ready and waiting. And now, the story gets interesting...

The groom had elected to pick up the ceremony flowers to save the delivery fee (which I get-they hadn't selected anything elaborate for the ceremony and chose to focus more on the reception-and the ceremony was a half an hour away down in Appleton). The bride said "Fine, but you are in charge of handling it or delegating to someone else." I had asked the bride what time to anticipate the pick-up and she said "11:30 at the latest" At 11:45 I called the bride, concerned that no one had picked up the flowers yet! I know 15 minutes isn't that late, but I just had a weird feeling. She maintained her calm (mostly-I think there was a bit of underlying panic in her voice!) and said she would check with the groom as to what was going on. Yep-he forgot. Forgot to pick them up and forgot to ask anyone else to do it! He was already at the church-a half an hour away! After a few frantic phone calls, they found a guest still in GB who was able to pick up the flowers from us and bring them with on their way to the ceremony! Otherwise, plan B was closing my shop, hopping in the van and bringing them down myself! The wedding must go on-with flowers!

I told the bride she should never allow him to live that one down. She has since requested a replica of her bridal bouquet for every anniversary. Sounds fair to me!

Anyhow, on to the reception! We delivered and set these up for them, so they were there-no problem!

Centerpieces of submerged tulips-so simple, so spring.

Tulips swirled in a bubble bowl-bless those flexible stems! Their table numbers were presented on large river rock which reflected the river rock in the centerpieces. It was a nice fit with the organic feel of the centerpieces and the "lake effect" of the deep turquoise and soft silver/grey of the linens.

Wedding Cake-created by the mother of the groom! (Sara-correct me if I've got that wrong!) How cute! I love that little couple on top!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Prom Corsage Blog! As Promised!

So I'm here this morning-coffee in hand and camera too! Here are those corsage pics from yesterday's appearance on Good Day Wisconsin. To see the full video of our appearance, click here. And promise not to laugh at us!

Miniature white cymbidiums on a lavender crystal band with bullion vine. This one had a beautiful shimmer over it but the camera didn't capture it. Hopefully it showed up on tv!

Fragrant white stephanotis centered with rhinestones on a rhinestone band. Very sophisticated.

Coral roses (I love this color-works so well with so many of the springy dress colors) on a pool sea glass wristlet accented with a crystal dragonfly.

Yes-more roses. But these are amazing striped roses in two different tones of pink! Love them!

Lime green button mums paired with teal ribbons and crystal flowers. This one really pops!

And lastly, my favorite (cuz I love the feathers!) Miniature cymbidium orchids on a pink pearl wristlet accented with wispy white feathers! The movement of this one when it is worn is so beautiful!

And lastly, today is the last day to vote for Green Bay Press Gazette's Best of the Bay! So, if you have a moment, click here (we're listed under retail) and vote for us and all of your other favorite local businesses!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Bout Blog!

This morning we had the pleasure of being on Good Day Wisconsin on Fox 11! We created a bunch of sample prom corsages and bouts, and some other fun jewelry inspired accessories. Tis prom season in Green Bay, Wisconsin! It's so much fun to have an opportunity to like this-to make whatever we want, anything we can imagine and show it off! Of course, I've realized that I left the camera with the rest of the images at the shop tonight, so we'll just be starting with the bouts! Corsages and Floral Jewelry to follow tomorrow morning-promise!

A springy combination of blue grape hyacinth and purple tulip accented with green brunnia and lime green wire.

I love the textures of this one-euryngium accented with green hypericum berry, dusty miller and curly willow.

A sleek yellow calla lily accented with silver bullion and pussy willow.

An elegant and sophisticated choice-white miniature cymbidium accented with pearled wire, brunnia and plumosa.

Lime green button mums accented with coils of turquoise wire. Very contemporary and unique.

White miniature gerbera accented with grasses and guinea hen feathers
(Love, Love, Love the Feathers!)

More to come tomorrow-the fun stuff for the ladies! (Sorry guys-but the ladies just have more fun stuff to choose from!) If you would like to see our segment from the news this morning,
click here. I haven't yet-and won't. I just can't watch myself without getting all self-conscious and second guessing everything I did and said! So, as Thumper would say, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!" Otherwise, enjoy!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Buffet Florals-and Sugar!

Hello All! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

We created florals for a few Easter brunch buffets at area venues. The pictures that follow are from the Radisson. The Radisson is a huge facility, so we really can't create anything too big there! These first pics are of the main buffet arrangement. I don't know if the pics give a good sense of scale, but it reached from the design counter to the ceiling at the shop. The urn itself is about waist high on me. After I made it, I couldn't lift it on my own to put it in the cooler! And thank God I took Shawn (husband) along for set up as it had to be lifted onto the center of a platform elevated on the buffet. I would never have been able to do that!

The center of the arrangement is accented with ostrich eggs (Their shells are like stone. If you drop one on the design room floor, they bounce-thankfully! I cannot believe baby birds can hatch out of those!) and purple artichokes (yes, a fresh cut artichoke! Not the grocery store variety!)

One of the "smaller" florals on the main food buffet.

And my favorite, the dessert buffet. The strange looking silver item will be a chocolate fountain!

And, on to the sugar. In beautiful pastry, tart and cake form. I bet there were 30-40 of these lovelies laid out across the tables.

And all unique! I have no patience for creating this sort of thing. I once tried to decorate a cake with caramel-dipped pecans that were supposed to be finished with this beautiful little stiff caramel tail rising up and a fluff of spun sugar on the center of the cake. At approximately 3 am I was standing in a kitchen of sticky surfaces with caramel-dipped pecans in serious need of some Viagra. I went to bed. And we still managed to eat the cake sans decor.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to All! And to All a Happy Spring! Thought you might enjoy a few cute spring arrangements! And a few even cuter Joplin Japhet photos!

Tulips arranged in a cylinder filled with jelly beans! 4 bags of tiny jelly bird eggs to be exact!

Bulb plants (hyacinth and muscari) which are wonderfully fragrant and longer-lasting than typical fresh cuts! Accented with a thirsty humming bird and "eggs in bloom!"

Joplin (as an Easter Bunny) getting acquainted with the locals.

The locals were kind enough to share the secrets of their success. And then things turned ugly...

The face off..."You think you're cuter than me? For real?"

They are still battling it out. I'll let you know how it ends.

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