Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wedding Show Loverlies!

Yes, I've always loved My Fair Lady. Hence the "loverly" reference. When I was little and home sick from school, it always seemed to be on tv. Mostly I just loved Eliza Doolittle's clothes-especially the dress she wore to the races. I mean, bows, ruffles, lace, feathers and an over-the-top hat. And a parasol. I would have worn it to school if only my Mom had bought it for me. Or at least something like it. I was not what one would call a practical child!

Anyhow, back to the loverlies.

A bouquet of "green trick" dianthus (yes-the green fuzzy stuff is related to standard old carnations. Come along way, haven't they?) and pink roses. Accented with pearls and a fabulous enameled orchid created by equally fabulous local jewelry designer (and Petal Pusher employee) Barbi Gossen. That gorgeous little orchid is hand-cut and sculpted from metal! An amazing keepsake for your attendants (and a great brooch they can wear again!)
A unique bouquet of yellow roses (okay, not so unique) but-they are paired with the rich brown, rust and terra cotta shades of leucodendron and hypericum. I really love leucodendron-a ridiculously tough flower that is just not used often enough. They come in an amazing array of earthy tones which works great with a lot of the neutrals (chocolates and champagnes).

Spring has Sprung! And this bouquet is proof! Yellow ranunculus and yellow tulips!

Sexy Spring-if there is such a thing! I always think red tulips are the sex kittens of the tulip world. Satiny red petals with a deep black center-nothing like their pastel siblings! The bouquet pairs red tulips with a deep fuchsia rose and fuchsia waxflower. The coordinating centerpiece displays red tulips spun in a glass bubble bowl.

And then-Sweet Spring! A clutch of pastel gerbera daisies accented with a beautiful butterfly in pool blue. A great way to work pool or any other "not natural" flower color into a bouquet!
Gotta Fly! Maybe My Fair Lady is on...

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