Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rooms of Blooms has Bloomed!

Our creations for Rooms of Blooms at the Paine Art Center in Oshkosh! For more info on what Rooms of Blooms is, click here. Finally got to put everything in place Friday morning (fortunately I was able to avoid that awful crash on 41-but certainly got delayed by the highway closure!) Pictures won't do it justice. You miss the fragrance and the atmosphere of actually walking through a magnificent space like the Paine. And, we aren't allowed to photograph other designers work, so I can't share with you what everyone else made! But there are some amazing creations!

This design was in the main gallery. Each designer was given a piece of art they had to interpret in flowers. The main focus of our art work was iris, so that was a given! We covered the vase itself with fresh rose petals, hypericum and hydrangea florets to mimic the color and texture of the mosaic vessels shown in the art work. Below is a close up that shows the vase a bit better.

Sunshine through petals is always a very ethereal, magical effect. We created these pieces for the Mears Gallery which features bronze sculpture by an artist originally from Oshkosh. We chose lilies and tulips for their classic shape (something we thought a sculptor would appreciate). And, the lilies were locally grown-which seemed perfect given the local origin of the artist!

And lastly, but certainly not least-Mrs. Paine's Dressing Room. We wanted to create something very feminine, indulgent and fragrant! Rose, gardenias and hyacinth, oh my! Classical shapes and feminine tones of antiqued pinks and champagnes. And we couldn't resist the ostrich feather accents for this boudoir setting!

Don't you want to curl up on this chaise with a glass of red wine? And be waited on hand and foot? If only...

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  1. OK, your mosaic vase totally rocks! What a great idea and it really works. I spied the hypericum in the first photo, but I thought you just embellished a ceramic with them. Aren't you too clever!

  2. Why, thank you! I had tested it out a few weeks ago to make sure it would hold up okay. Quite a labor of love-lots of time and spray adhesive involved! I had little hydrangea florets stuck everywhere by the time I was done!

  3. Wow ... wow ... wow!


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