Monday, March 22, 2010

Pretty in Pink...and Sparkly too!

A recent wedding featuring shades of pink, and some sparkle too!

The bridal bouquet of hot pink roses accented with crystals and rhinestones. We added a little bling, and then added some more, and then some more! We knew Tricia (our bride) would not be afraid to carry a bouquet with a little drama to it! I'm just bummed I didn't get a pic of Joplin next to her bouquet. Tricia (and her mom) are some of Joplin's favorite people-and the bouquet was almost as big as he is (and almost as pretty too!)

The unity candle arrangement graced the head table after the ceremony. I love this design with the looped calla lilies and bear grass.

The cake (by Lindsay Brooks of the Runaway Spoon) featured black ribbon bands and a cascade of roses. Again-the drama!

We also created a candy bar to serve as favors at the reception. Tricia brought us their favorite candies-and enough of them to give a small army a sugar buzz! We then displayed them in our apothecary jars for people to help themselves! Oh, and Tricia-we function on sugar. And we really like Twix and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I'm just saying-if you have left-overs. Joplin will trade you snuggles for candy...

Mmmm...sugar in both wrapped and frosted form!

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  1. The flowers were fabulous, as always! Great write up, and thanks for the mention ;)

  2. Yes, the flowers were amazing! What bride doesn't like a lot of pink and a little drama :)


  3. Thanks guys! And Tim-kudos to you! We don't get many men commenting on the blog! In fact, I don't believe my own husband has ever commented. There it is-a challenge has been issued!

  4. Thank you Nichole for the beautiful flowers, arrangements, and candy many compliments and a gorgeous memory for us!

  5. Thank you Tricia! It was truly a pleasure-all brides should be like you! And love our shop kitty just as much!


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