Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wedding Show Loverlies!

Yes, I've always loved My Fair Lady. Hence the "loverly" reference. When I was little and home sick from school, it always seemed to be on tv. Mostly I just loved Eliza Doolittle's clothes-especially the dress she wore to the races. I mean, bows, ruffles, lace, feathers and an over-the-top hat. And a parasol. I would have worn it to school if only my Mom had bought it for me. Or at least something like it. I was not what one would call a practical child!

Anyhow, back to the loverlies.

A bouquet of "green trick" dianthus (yes-the green fuzzy stuff is related to standard old carnations. Come along way, haven't they?) and pink roses. Accented with pearls and a fabulous enameled orchid created by equally fabulous local jewelry designer (and Petal Pusher employee) Barbi Gossen. That gorgeous little orchid is hand-cut and sculpted from metal! An amazing keepsake for your attendants (and a great brooch they can wear again!)
A unique bouquet of yellow roses (okay, not so unique) but-they are paired with the rich brown, rust and terra cotta shades of leucodendron and hypericum. I really love leucodendron-a ridiculously tough flower that is just not used often enough. They come in an amazing array of earthy tones which works great with a lot of the neutrals (chocolates and champagnes).

Spring has Sprung! And this bouquet is proof! Yellow ranunculus and yellow tulips!

Sexy Spring-if there is such a thing! I always think red tulips are the sex kittens of the tulip world. Satiny red petals with a deep black center-nothing like their pastel siblings! The bouquet pairs red tulips with a deep fuchsia rose and fuchsia waxflower. The coordinating centerpiece displays red tulips spun in a glass bubble bowl.

And then-Sweet Spring! A clutch of pastel gerbera daisies accented with a beautiful butterfly in pool blue. A great way to work pool or any other "not natural" flower color into a bouquet!
Gotta Fly! Maybe My Fair Lady is on...

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Pretty in Pink...and Sparkly too!

A recent wedding featuring shades of pink, and some sparkle too!

The bridal bouquet of hot pink roses accented with crystals and rhinestones. We added a little bling, and then added some more, and then some more! We knew Tricia (our bride) would not be afraid to carry a bouquet with a little drama to it! I'm just bummed I didn't get a pic of Joplin next to her bouquet. Tricia (and her mom) are some of Joplin's favorite people-and the bouquet was almost as big as he is (and almost as pretty too!)

The unity candle arrangement graced the head table after the ceremony. I love this design with the looped calla lilies and bear grass.

The cake (by Lindsay Brooks of the Runaway Spoon) featured black ribbon bands and a cascade of roses. Again-the drama!

We also created a candy bar to serve as favors at the reception. Tricia brought us their favorite candies-and enough of them to give a small army a sugar buzz! We then displayed them in our apothecary jars for people to help themselves! Oh, and Tricia-we function on sugar. And we really like Twix and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I'm just saying-if you have left-overs. Joplin will trade you snuggles for candy...

Mmmm...sugar in both wrapped and frosted form!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Joplin goes to the Vet!

Hello Peeps! It has been a while!

As for my recent events, I had a vet appointment recently. I see Dr. Roberta at Bay East Animal Hospital. She is very nice and Nichole likes her because she explains everything very thoroughly. I had to get the typical vaccinations and they tried to buy my affection with some treats. Not going to work.

I won't even look at that treat.

I like everyone at the vet, but just don’t like going there. Maybe they would consider coming to me-I'll have to ask about that. Last year when Nichole took me, we got into an accident on the way home. It was snowing and someone slid and fishtailed into the side of her truck. Nothing serious, but I was not pleased about having to wait for the police to arrive to file the accident report. Fortunately Nichole’s husband (who I lovingly refer to as “that guy”) worked down the street so he left a little early to come and pick me up and bring me back to the shop. He has come in handy a few times-he is also the one who rescued me from behind the furnace duct work when I was new at Petal Pusher. You know what they say about cats and curiosity-I just didn’t expect to get stuck. It was a bit embarrassing. Here is a picture of me helping him do some of the handy-man jobs at the shop.

We got a lot done that day.

But back to the vet. I really don’t care for all of the dogs at the vet. They’re just such lumbering, drooling creatures. And they always want to sniff me. I don't need them invading my personal space like that. Just no manners at all-so uncouth. Although there was a K9 sheriff’s unit at the vet that day. I didn’t run into him though. I'm sure he would have had more manners than most canines. It would have been nice to have a chance to chat with another working animal. Protect and serve, nap and purr. I’m sure we would have had a lot in common.

The one redeeming aspect of my vet visit was the addition of wet food to my diet. It has been vet prescribed. Due to some digestive issues I was having, the vet had initially suggested a tablespoon of canned pumpkin added to my kibble. Horrendous. I showed my disapproval of this addition by attempting to bury it. After I refused that, Dr. Roberta e-mailed Nichole this: "Canned food would be the best if he'll even have anything to do with that. Lots of options, OTC / grocery store availability or more quality, perhaps an all meat might make him happy such as taste of the wild brand." I will most certainly have something to do with that! And Taste of the Wild-that Dr. Roberta has exquisite taste! Yum! Thank you Dr. Roberta! Also, I am willing to consider endorsement deals. So if anyone has any connections on that end, have your people talk to my people.

They also informed me that I am officially a senior at 7 years old. I don’t care to discuss it much, other than to say that you are only as old as you feel. And look. And I’m still beautiful people. As evidence of that...

I'm a Vegas Showcat!

The ladies were working with ostrich feathers for the Rooms of Blooms display at the Paine. Well, one thing led to another and they created a headdress for me. I think I wear it well. I wouldn’t mind a gig in Vegas-broaden my audience a bit. I don’t dance or sing but people could watch me nap or stretch-I’m very good at stretching. If anybody has any connections in Vegas, again, have your people talk to my people.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rooms of Blooms has Bloomed!

Our creations for Rooms of Blooms at the Paine Art Center in Oshkosh! For more info on what Rooms of Blooms is, click here. Finally got to put everything in place Friday morning (fortunately I was able to avoid that awful crash on 41-but certainly got delayed by the highway closure!) Pictures won't do it justice. You miss the fragrance and the atmosphere of actually walking through a magnificent space like the Paine. And, we aren't allowed to photograph other designers work, so I can't share with you what everyone else made! But there are some amazing creations!

This design was in the main gallery. Each designer was given a piece of art they had to interpret in flowers. The main focus of our art work was iris, so that was a given! We covered the vase itself with fresh rose petals, hypericum and hydrangea florets to mimic the color and texture of the mosaic vessels shown in the art work. Below is a close up that shows the vase a bit better.

Sunshine through petals is always a very ethereal, magical effect. We created these pieces for the Mears Gallery which features bronze sculpture by an artist originally from Oshkosh. We chose lilies and tulips for their classic shape (something we thought a sculptor would appreciate). And, the lilies were locally grown-which seemed perfect given the local origin of the artist!

And lastly, but certainly not least-Mrs. Paine's Dressing Room. We wanted to create something very feminine, indulgent and fragrant! Rose, gardenias and hyacinth, oh my! Classical shapes and feminine tones of antiqued pinks and champagnes. And we couldn't resist the ostrich feather accents for this boudoir setting!

Don't you want to curl up on this chaise with a glass of red wine? And be waited on hand and foot? If only...

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