Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Lambeau Wedding Show

Just a few more of the lovelies from last weekend's wedding show!

Assorted succulents paired with ivory hydrangea and spray roses. We do love our succulents. I have some at home that we displayed at the wedding show in the beginning of January, and they still look perfect. No roots, no soil, just displayed in a glass cube. That is one tough plant!

White roses, tulips and lilacs. I know-you wish this were scratch and sniff, but you aren't missing out here. Most lilacs that are grown out-of-season for the fresh flower market do not have scent. The more fragrant a flower is, the shorter it's vase life. So, breeders have sacrificed fragrance to create a more durable flower. I always feel like it is a little bit of a cheat, so I try to warn people about them out of season! Yet one more reason to buy local and seaonally!

Eggplant calla lilies, green hypericum and carnations (yes, carnations!) These are really gorgeous-a new variety and I love the two-tone. Actually, they are tri-tone. If you look closely at them, the petals are edged in a brighter pink that fades into a berry-purple with a splash of wine/burgundy at the base. So rich! Finished with accents of chartreuse green wire coils for a little funk.

Wheat grass in a glass cube accented with hot pink roses. This was a big hit at the show. Maybe because we are all so starved for green, growing things at this time of year. We even had people smelling it, commenting on how it reminded them of fresh cut grass in summer!

And last, but not least, amazing Circus roses. I love this variety, such a gorgeous transition of color-looks like a water color painting. And I am always a sucker for roses! If I were a bee, this is where I would take my afternoon nap, all snugged in between the petals!

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