Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lambeau Wedding Show!

Hooray! We got to make bouquets again! There just aren't enough winter weddings up here in Wisconsin, so we get a little starved for the love of bouquet-making in the long winter months! Do you here that brides? We want you-and we want you to plan a winter wedding! And book us for your flowers! (Shameless sales pitch!)

As a December bride myself, I can attest to how fabulous winter weddings can be. Of course, the weather was also very cooperative for ours-as in, it didn't snow! Unfortunately, there wasn't a snowflake to be found in all of Green Bay on that particular December 15th. In the sky or on the ground! So my plans of having a lovely snow-covered backdrop for the outdoor pictures I made my bridesmaids shiver through didn't work out. I had leafless trees and brown grass-which sounds horrible, but when done in black and white actually looks lovely! (I'd post a pic but mine where done before digital was the norm. I mean, it was around, but it wasn't the standard. Man, do I feel old!)

All right-enough of my babble! On to the good stuff!

Tulips, cymbidium orchids, hypericum, anthurium and lily grass. A bit of a tropical feel-how could we not in February?

Red roses, tulips and anemones accented with a blingtastic butterfly!

A little more bling accenting roses and hyacinth blossom centered with pearls!

Gerbera daisies accented with fuchsia waxflower and classic white daisies. Simple and sweet.

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