Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hey...It's Valentine's Day!

Yes, that's right. It's Valentine's Day. Or at least it will be very soon! Based on how things are stacking up at the shop, most of you seem to be celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday. We've got lots of deliveries headed out to people at their workplaces. That always works out well for the sender as then you get the added ooohs and aaah from the jealous co-workers when the flowers arrive!
Here are a few floral recommendations for the holiday this year based on what is looking gorgeous this week...
Tulips. Can't beat them in the middle of February-especially after the snow earlier this week! I love them just on their own, simple and sweet. Such a welcome sign of spring!

Pink Roses. Not normally an absolute favorite for me (though I am a sucker for roses), but we've got some amazing varieties gracing our cooler this year. Some two-tone varieties I have never even seen before and this one that has been a crush of mine for the last few years since it was introduced. Meet the lovely Pink Intuition...

Also-just arrived today...beautiful red anemones! These aren't often sold out of the cooler as they fold their petals in (it's really very cute-like they are bundling up against the cold!) But, they don't show off their color very well that way. Anyhow, here is a pic of what they look like when they are not shivering and are on display as they should be!

How cute is that? Flowers with black and white centers are always so charming!
The Fun Sexy Stuff. Last, but certainly not least! Chocolate body frosting and massage oil candles-bring sexy back to your Valentine's Day! The chocolate body frosting comes in different flavors and sizes (even a quickie sample size!) And the massage oil candles (aka Scandles) are seriously amazing! They burn at 2 degrees above body temp and melt in to an amazingly moisturizing body oil (and they don't leave you feeling greasy at all!) I like the Scandles so much that if we are burning a sample in the store I will use it as hand lotion! (Florists are so prone to dry hands-what's a girl to do?)
Click here to find out more on this stuff on our website.
If your Valentine needs a little here to print our "hint, hint" card and hide it somewhere your Valentine will find it!
As for my Valentine's Day plans with my and beer on the couch after one long but fantastic week!
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  1. beautiful beautiful flowers! you have reminded me I must do more bee flowers..What a fabulous shop and a shame you not in Florida!... and you have a bee in your header too! Thank you for your very much appreciated and welcome comment. Silly is exactly how I feel, :)

  2. Why thank you! I followed you on twitter too-that way we can feel silly together!


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