Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Lambeau Wedding Show

Just a few more of the lovelies from last weekend's wedding show!

Assorted succulents paired with ivory hydrangea and spray roses. We do love our succulents. I have some at home that we displayed at the wedding show in the beginning of January, and they still look perfect. No roots, no soil, just displayed in a glass cube. That is one tough plant!

White roses, tulips and lilacs. I know-you wish this were scratch and sniff, but you aren't missing out here. Most lilacs that are grown out-of-season for the fresh flower market do not have scent. The more fragrant a flower is, the shorter it's vase life. So, breeders have sacrificed fragrance to create a more durable flower. I always feel like it is a little bit of a cheat, so I try to warn people about them out of season! Yet one more reason to buy local and seaonally!

Eggplant calla lilies, green hypericum and carnations (yes, carnations!) These are really gorgeous-a new variety and I love the two-tone. Actually, they are tri-tone. If you look closely at them, the petals are edged in a brighter pink that fades into a berry-purple with a splash of wine/burgundy at the base. So rich! Finished with accents of chartreuse green wire coils for a little funk.

Wheat grass in a glass cube accented with hot pink roses. This was a big hit at the show. Maybe because we are all so starved for green, growing things at this time of year. We even had people smelling it, commenting on how it reminded them of fresh cut grass in summer!

And last, but not least, amazing Circus roses. I love this variety, such a gorgeous transition of color-looks like a water color painting. And I am always a sucker for roses! If I were a bee, this is where I would take my afternoon nap, all snugged in between the petals!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lambeau Wedding Show!

Hooray! We got to make bouquets again! There just aren't enough winter weddings up here in Wisconsin, so we get a little starved for the love of bouquet-making in the long winter months! Do you here that brides? We want you-and we want you to plan a winter wedding! And book us for your flowers! (Shameless sales pitch!)

As a December bride myself, I can attest to how fabulous winter weddings can be. Of course, the weather was also very cooperative for ours-as in, it didn't snow! Unfortunately, there wasn't a snowflake to be found in all of Green Bay on that particular December 15th. In the sky or on the ground! So my plans of having a lovely snow-covered backdrop for the outdoor pictures I made my bridesmaids shiver through didn't work out. I had leafless trees and brown grass-which sounds horrible, but when done in black and white actually looks lovely! (I'd post a pic but mine where done before digital was the norm. I mean, it was around, but it wasn't the standard. Man, do I feel old!)

All right-enough of my babble! On to the good stuff!

Tulips, cymbidium orchids, hypericum, anthurium and lily grass. A bit of a tropical feel-how could we not in February?

Red roses, tulips and anemones accented with a blingtastic butterfly!

A little more bling accenting roses and hyacinth blossom centered with pearls!

Gerbera daisies accented with fuchsia waxflower and classic white daisies. Simple and sweet.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hey...It's Valentine's Day!

Yes, that's right. It's Valentine's Day. Or at least it will be very soon! Based on how things are stacking up at the shop, most of you seem to be celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday. We've got lots of deliveries headed out to people at their workplaces. That always works out well for the sender as then you get the added ooohs and aaah from the jealous co-workers when the flowers arrive!
Here are a few floral recommendations for the holiday this year based on what is looking gorgeous this week...
Tulips. Can't beat them in the middle of February-especially after the snow earlier this week! I love them just on their own, simple and sweet. Such a welcome sign of spring!

Pink Roses. Not normally an absolute favorite for me (though I am a sucker for roses), but we've got some amazing varieties gracing our cooler this year. Some two-tone varieties I have never even seen before and this one that has been a crush of mine for the last few years since it was introduced. Meet the lovely Pink Intuition...

Also-just arrived today...beautiful red anemones! These aren't often sold out of the cooler as they fold their petals in (it's really very cute-like they are bundling up against the cold!) But, they don't show off their color very well that way. Anyhow, here is a pic of what they look like when they are not shivering and are on display as they should be!

How cute is that? Flowers with black and white centers are always so charming!
The Fun Sexy Stuff. Last, but certainly not least! Chocolate body frosting and massage oil candles-bring sexy back to your Valentine's Day! The chocolate body frosting comes in different flavors and sizes (even a quickie sample size!) And the massage oil candles (aka Scandles) are seriously amazing! They burn at 2 degrees above body temp and melt in to an amazingly moisturizing body oil (and they don't leave you feeling greasy at all!) I like the Scandles so much that if we are burning a sample in the store I will use it as hand lotion! (Florists are so prone to dry hands-what's a girl to do?)
Click here to find out more on this stuff on our website.
If your Valentine needs a little here to print our "hint, hint" card and hide it somewhere your Valentine will find it!
As for my Valentine's Day plans with my and beer on the couch after one long but fantastic week!
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Rooms of Blooms

Finally-a new blog post! And it is to unveil something we are very excited about!

Our participation in the first ever Fox Valley Floral Show at the Paine Art Center in Oshkosh. (In case you didn't bother to read the poster!)

Each florist involved is assigned a piece of art and are asked to interpret that art through flowers. It is totally an opportunity for us to make floral art for art's sake and really run with it!

Our assigned piece of art is actually the beautiful iris image being used on the promo poster (how lucky, huh? The art was randomly assigned!) And what is even better is that it is created by a local Milwaukee woman and was just recently added to the gallery's collection. I am formulating ideas but haven't come up with anything concrete yet. Obviously the beautiful periwinkle iris will have to be represented (our is also the only piece of art that features a very prominent floral element) but I don't want it to be that literal and easy! I'm contemplating creating a "mosaic floral vase" to display the iris. I'm picturing different floral elements (hydrangea blossoms, rose petals, lily grass, etc) woven and pieced together to create/cover the vase and reflect the colors and textures of the original art. I actually took one of the promo posters on vacation with me this past weekend just to keep walking past it and letting the ideas roll around in my head! My husband was wondering why it was hanging up in our hotel room...

As if that weren't enough, we also get to provide floral accents and display pieces for one of the rooms of the Paine Mansion. And guess which room we got assigned-Mrs. Paine's Dressing Room! It is so beautiful (pics to follow-I forgot the camera at the shop!) But it has a charming chaise lounge and dressing table with a beautiful floor to ceiling arched mirror and an amazing window seat over-looking the front lawn. It just so speaks to this delicate female personality (that I now imagine her to have) and I can just picture her powdering her nose and awaiting her guest's arrival (although in truth, she and Mr. Paine never lived in the mansion. Work on the property was haulted during the Depression and it was not completed until after Mr. Paine's death). I've been trying to research Mrs. Paine (Jessie Kimberly Paine) to see if I could uncover her favorite flowers and colors and reflect that in what we create! No luck yet though, so if anybody has any leads it would be appreciated!

The space next to Mrs. Paine's dressing room is the Helen Mears gallery. Helen Mears was also a local artist (she was born right in Oshkosh) and created beautiful bronze sculptures, particularly of women (one of her favorite subjects was her sister). We will also be creating a piece to display in this area (and it is a big space!) so I'm still thinking on that one!

I'll keep you posted! I love the fact that we lucked out by getting art and spaces with both strong local connections and that celebrate women! To learn more about the Paine Art Center, visit their site at And by all means, come and see the mansion and what we create in March!
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