Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shop Kitty in Residence

Hello All! And Happy Holidays!

Yes, the holidays have arrived at Petal Pusher. Come enjoy the sparkle and a cup of cider (and visit me, of course!) Anyhow-it occurred to me that people may wonder what the duties of "shop kitty in residence" entail (no pun intended).

Supervisory Duties-focused on quality control of the arrangements that the ladies make everyday. They really do lovely work, but somebody has to keep an eye on them.

Tech Support-I just trouble shoot for this one. It is hard to operate a keyboard and mouse when you lack opposable thumbs. After diagnosing the issue, I hand it over to "that guy" (aka Shawn-Nichole's husband). He stops in from time to time to deal with IT issues and visit me (of course).

Security-One just can't be too careful these days. I'm pretty sure this chipmunk was headed straight for us, but thought twice after seeing my ominous presence. Situation averted.

And lastly, I wanted to let everybody know about two very important upcoming events...Brewfest and Furball! Brewfest is this upcoming Friday, November 13th at the KI Convention Center and Furball is New Year's Eve at the SC Grand. Both benefit a cause near and dear to my heart-the Bay Area Humane Society. I was a homeless kitty once and am so thankful BAHS exists to help animals in need! Please visit for more info and consider supporting a very worthy cause!
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  1. Why thank you-I never tire of hearing that!

  2. OH I juts love going into a shop with kitty's laying around.. so warm and homey feeling~

  3. Yes-I should have added that to my many duties. I provide atmosphere and ambiance!

  4. Joplin - Susie misses her cuddle time w/you and visiting the girls. Will stop by soon to see you and have you trim by hair....

  5. I miss you too Susie! And the girls do as well!

  6. This is one of the most clever postings!! By the way, next time I'm down I want to smell the Pine candle as I am probably the most obsessive "pine" scent customer you could ever find!!

  7. Well, now I've been called clever and cute! I've got to blog more often if it brings all of these lovely comments my way!


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