Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Romantical Bouquets

I couldn't resist using my beloved Paula Deen's phrase "Romantical."
The Bride choose black bacarra roses along with soft pink ones, accented with stephanotis. The result was very pretty and romantic.

FYI: I met Paula Deen in my previous life as a gourmet foods buyer and let me just tell you she is EVERYTHING and MORE! I don't have celebrity crushes but when she signed my book, held my hand and commented on my necklace- I died and went to Heaven. Then made a huge fool of myself by crying... oh yeah I cried. Thankfully only my good friend Laura witnessed this moment. Micheal (Paula's husband) was there as well and she turned to him and said "Oh Michael- aint she cute?"
Paula- if you're reading- I love you and you changed my life and I can do a spot on impression of you.
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