Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's about time!

My prayers have been answered!!! There is finally a reality show about a floral designer. It's just an added perk that he is drop dead sexy!

Tune into Flowers Uncut on TLC
Premiers November 4th at 9:00pm central

jeff leatham

Here's what TLC has to say about the show:

"Follow the amazing artistry of one of the world's most renowned event designers: Jeff Leatham. A former male model who grew up in the States and has been dubbed "The Rock n' Roll Florist" for his style and pizzazz, Jeff will show the audience why he has earned his reputation as "the best florist in the world" by using an empty space as his canvas, and utilizing flowers as his paint to transform the otherwise ordinary area into an extraordinary experience. Utilizing a bold and innovative vision and approach to flowers as a work of art, Jeff's mantra consists of three things: "Keep it clean, keep it simple and keep it chic." And in doing just that, we will watch the end result: a jaw-dropping display of floral majesty that keeps his million dollar clients begging him for more. From Madonna to Mariah Carey, billionaire businessmen to snooty socialites, Bill Clinton to Eva Longoria, we get to see that Jeff is the man the elite turn to when they throw a big event and want to create an exceptional and unbelievable feel their guests will never forget."

I have never been more thankful for DVR because Wednesday nights also happen to be Modern Family which is hilarious on ABC and Top chef on Bravo! What's a girl to do?!? DVR

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  1. I cant wait to see it and HIM.. I love to watch him dance

  2. I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!! love your blog! we have something in common ;)

  3. I am so excited too! I really hope it's as enjoyable as watching Anthony Bourdain arrange flowers in Japan- mmmhmmm

    Thanks for the blog love- I love doing it! What do we have in common?


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