Thursday, September 10, 2009

Exciting new items in the store

Little, adorable, cute, fantastic, oh so sweet orchid plants. I had to put the phone next to them to show the scale because these are really the sweetest little guys ever! They sell for $15 which is a great price point to start with orchids- you will be amazed at how easy they are to care for.
Unless of course you have a puppy named Annabelle who's life mission is to seek and destroy all orchid plants in your home... well then you're on your own.

Tabletopics- I cannot say enough good things about this "game." It's a rather large cube that has a ton of questions to stimulate questions. There is:

Dinner Party
Not Your Mom's Dinner Party
Right or Wrong

There is no quicker way to bring together a group of people than asking these questions and you'll be amazed at you learn about people.
Retail at $25 and worth every penny!

YUM... wine jellies would fall under the category of something I never thought would blow my skirt up but since discovering them I have based entire meals on a jar, plus cream cheese and some townhouse crackers. Sooooo good we have them in a variety of flavors and sizes.

Recycling at its best. The artisits at the local business "Visions of Glass" take orphaned glassware and turn it into something stunning for your garden.

We hope to see you soon!
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