Monday, August 10, 2009

Textural Wedding Bouquets

This was a bridal bouquet from this past week-end. If you've been reading the blog- you can guess that I loved it...because it was green, white and very textural.

And really- how can you not love a bouquet with fern curls?

It features, hydrangea, dahlias, fern curls, hanging amaranthus, bear grass and angel vine.
Angel vine sounds cute and innocent but it is not- it's brutal, just ask my cut up hands! ;) All for the brides baby!

Coordinating bridesmaids bouquet.

Bridesmaids bouquets with hydrangea, kermit mums, scabiosa seed pods, bear grass and angel vine.

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  1. these and all the glorious textures! But no one ever asks me to do that kind of stuff, or anything with great foliages either. It's still just round bouquets with the flowers all massed, the occasional berry or pod.

  2. Thanks Sprout!
    I am a total sucker for texture... the more the merrier in my book.
    Believe me we do our fair share of roundy moundy masses too! Although this year it seems our brides are being a bit more experimental...


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