Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oneida Country Club's Men's Open

Masculine flowers....they do exist. Glass rectangles with calla lilies, Chinese lanterns and sea oats.

The centerpieces were accented with black rock and floating glass bubbles.

I'm not sure if the men enjoy these before or after they play golf but if it's before I'm sure their game was greatly improved! ;)
I'm not much of a golfer although I came from a line of pretty dang good golfers. My dad took me one time when I was 12. I was doing ok and then I hit his favorite ball into the water. He went down to the water and could see it so he perched himself on the edge with ball catcher in hand he tried to fish it out. His foot must have slipped and in he went. Curse words followed...we packed up and went home... he never took me golfing again and that's ok with me.


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