Sunday, August 9, 2009

One Fashionable Feline

My apologies for my lengthy blog absence. The ladies have been very busy at the shop with wedding work. All of that commotion makes it difficult for me to fit in my cat naps so something had to give.
My most recent news relates to my acquisition of a wardrobe. It all started with Rose's wedding back in June. Angela decided I should have a tie to wear to Rose's wedding and thanks to those clever people at Target, that was possible. Unfortunately I wasn't able to actually attend the wedding, but I did look incredibly handsome. See for yourself...

I really enjoy the tie-I consider it my formal collar. Looking to expand my options here, but unfortunately there aren't many cat tie designers in the world.
I also play an important role in color scheme selection at the shop. Here I am modeling a popular wedding color this season-Tiffany Blue. I think it works beautifully with my white and "joplin japhet grey."

And last, but certainly not least-my argyle hoodie. Given that I am such an agreeable and stylish cat and that I enjoy my wardrobe accessories so much, the ladies decided to get me an actual article of clothing. It is actually dog clothing-apparently there aren't many cats that are as well-dressed as I.

Personally, I prefer working just the accessories. The actual hoodie is a bit much for me-though the ladies insist that I look adorable and I do enjoy all of the cooing and cuddling I recieve as a result of it. I just like to be a bit more "au naturel." But, if you feel so inclined-I wear a medium.

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  1. Oh Joblyn! It must be tough living with all those divas!! If the day comes that you want to ditch the duds I can find you a nice barn in northern Wisconsin where you won't have to put up with brushings, color coordination of anything and you won't have to eat that designer food I'm sure they make you eat! Just tell Angie she knows where to reach me!! Your friend always, ???


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