Saturday, August 15, 2009

I am not a crazy cat lady...

Just to clear things up I am not a crazy cat lady, Nichole is. She is the one who created an e-mail and blog profile for Joplin. She is the one who blogs as Joplin, just in case any of you thought I blogged as the cat or that Joplin actually learned to blog. ;)

However... today I am going to pick up 3 Siamese kittens to foster!!!
The Bay Area Humane Society is in need of foster homes for kittens. If you're interested give them a call or visit the website (under volunteer opportunities).

This will put my household pet count at 6!!! I could not be more excited!

Stay tuned next week for all the gorgeous flowers from this week-end.. along with my 100th blog post give-away!!!!

I can't believe we've had 100 posts!
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  1. Hmmmm...let's think about this. I think our cat totals are currently even. Welcome-we are always accepting new members.

  2. There's no shame in being a cat person, even a crazy one....some of us find Joplin's posts bring a certain sense of continuity to life...keep them up!

  3. Yeah Yeah Yeah... I did just have the girls watch a "Siamese Cats Dancing" video on YouTube and I am not ashamed... ;)
    You'll have to come meet the kittens!


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