Monday, August 31, 2009

First hand-tied and a floral muff

This is our intern Julie with her first hand-tied bouquet! Pretty amazing right?
She is going to Fox Valley Tech for interior design and really enjoyed her permanent arranged classes. I think she's enjoying fresh just as much if not more and is doing a dang good job at it!

She used celosia, roses, hypericum berry and scented geranium to collar.

What we have here is a floral muff being modeled by the beautiful Rose. Aubrey showed me a floral muff on a photography blog at 5:00 Friday night and I had to make one- although I don't think I would use these flowers again, a little too big and heavy- but hey I worked with what I had. The muff is also "green" because it's base is costructed with the cardboard flowers come sleeved in.
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  1. I am completely in love with the floral muffs, not only for winter but also as a springtime look as well. Can you give a few more specifics on the how-to of making this...specifically the base? Is there a water source of any kind? Oasis? Anything? I've never done anything like a muff and really want to do one. Love it! Thanks!

  2. Hi There! Sorry for they delayed response-for some reason I didn't get the notification of the comment. Blogger-ugh! Anyhow, the base is literally the cardboard sleeve that roses come wrapped in. We just glued the blossoms on. So no water source. It was heavy as is-I think Oasis would have made it absolutely too heavy. This look might work better with orchids-like dendros. Durable out of water and light weight!


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