Monday, August 24, 2009

Boys and Girls Club

Submerged red roses in glass cylinders.

Petal Pusher had the honor of donating flowers for the Boys and Girls Club Pacesetter's Dinner last week. The food was done by Not by Bread Alone. Have you ever had their stuffed breads? To die for!
There were three different tables that were themed by colors. One red, one yellow and one white. The floral along with all the food was color coordinated. How cool is that?

Yellow glads in cylinders with river rock in base.

Meet Medusa! White callas and wire adorn this glass cylinder.
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  1. I love all three designs, but I think my fave are the glads! I know they're not popular because of the funeral association for many people, but they can be so modern and striking and this time of year you get all of the lovely colors.

    Do you know what they did for yellow food? That has piqued my curiosity!

  2. I agree! We have been seeing the most adorable little "orchid" glads. They are stunning, they have a very retro feel.
    Yellow food was something curry and I believe a lemonade...


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