Monday, August 3, 2009

Awesome blog to check out!

You have to check out this new blog. I can't wait to make the slow roasted tomatos!

It's a not so secret dream of mine to move to the country and have chickens, cows and huge gardens! Maybe some goats, sheep, and pigs too?!?
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  1. "Where there are goats and sheep, can cheese be far behind?" asked the girl from Mass of the girl in Wisconsin. ;-)

  2. Oh honey- cheese is my life! My husband and I have a cheese drawer is our fridge. The little cheese man at the farmers market, knows me by name and I am not ashamed! ;)
    I just ordered the book "The Home Creamery" so I can start making my own dairy goods... if you've never made your own butter- you have to- it's so easy just use the food processor- pick up some really good bread and voila- heaven!

  3. I almost made butter once by accident as a kid! My mom left me to whip the cream for dessert while she entertained....she checked in on me about 20 minutes later...let's just say we decided to pass on the lumpy, butter-like whipped cream!


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