Monday, July 27, 2009

A typical day

I have the tendency to only post about weddings and events, but there are some really cool things that happen here on ordinary days.
The above corsage was made for one of our future bride's wedding shower. She and her husband live down the street from the shop and rescue pitbulls. They often visit with "Baby" and "Butters." We got to witness these little pups grow up into beautiful and sweet dogs.
We like Jessie and Larry too. ;)

We have really amazing poppies sprouting up in the front garden. We were not too sure what was coming up as we have a very free way of planting. That goes something like this: "Do you think we could plant this?" "I don't see why not...toss it in the garden." Then spring comes and we have to discern weeds from baby poppies, amaranthus, and baptisia...

We also have beautiful glazed birdbaths in the garden. This is a little arrangement of alstromeria and solidago, which I think would make a darling and really inexpensive bridesmaids bouquet.

We stock Aurora hospitals cooler. Here we have a bunch of arrangements getting ready for the cooler and Sir Joplin supervising the procedure. This is our design room, we have great windows which gives us fantastic natural light and keeps our moods just as cheery as our flowers! We work on industrial stainless steel chefs tables which are awesome! I want to equip my entire kitchen with just these.

I'll share more about our design room and how we work later on.
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  1. Good post! We work on SS restaurant tables as well. Practical and affordable.

    And I bought some poppies like those last week in the market. How well do the hold up for you? Do you put them in the cooler?

  2. Thanks! Aren't the tables great- we used to work on counter tops facing the wall! It was torture.

    We actually haven't cut them but I'm going to right now, I'll leave one out and put one in the cooler and let you know what I find out!

  3. I hadsome left at the end of my week and put what was left in the cooler. I'll let you know tomorrow how that worked out!

  4. My poppies did not look too happy today - shedding like a hairy dog. Don't know if it was the refrigeration or that they just don't last...


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