Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pretty things

This arrangement is for a wonderful customer Sharon. Sharon is the woman that floral designers dream of. She gives flowers "just because" and she always lets us do whatever we want! Although we've caught on that she does have a fondness for hydrangea and ranunculus. She gets flowers for dinner parties, writing class friends, sick friends, and people she barely knows! We love her!
She not only supports florists she also used to stop in at the bakery I worked at to pick up treats too and before that she would pick up wedding gifts and the like at the dinnerware shop I worked at. She is a local business supporter angel.

I've been buying copious amounts of plants lately! First it was a birdsnest fern, then a stephanotis and most recently a juncus! Pretty soon I won't be able to see out my windows! This was all following my purchase of 4 orchid plants the Botanical Garden Show. (They were a deal- it was too cold out for them.) My husband won't let us have babies yet so appearantly I'm nesting with plants... the above plant has escaped my obsession, barely. It's a jasmine and it's heavenly!
My friend, Laura, is picking up these hanging bubbles with Jade. Aren't they cool? We do them up with tillandsias, air ferns or planted up with the succulent of your choice.

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  1. Angela! Thank you so much! The bubbles are perfect and I know my grandmother will love hers...perfect for her to hang near a window and out of reach of her cat!

  2. So glad you like them! I had fun making them.


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