Friday, July 3, 2009

Furry Ones

UPDATE: He's been ADOPTED!!!!
(My husband is very relieved- he knows I can't resist)

This is a bittersweet story. A friend told me that Sweet William, the cat Nichole found back in March had finally been adopted from the Bay Area Humane Society so when I went to the website to verify, this is what I saw.

That's my Annabelle's brother, Holmes, and he has been returned to the Humane Society. It states he need a lot of attention and fun. Now I know from personal experience that our border collie/ hound mix is a rather energetic pup, she gets a run every morning and a walk every night and then spends her days romping in the yard with her sister.
She is also teething something fierce right now, as I'm sure Holmes is too. Anyone who's had puppies knows that teething is a sure test of sanity.

I'm sure it was not easy for the former adoptees to give Holmes back but if you know anyone who needs a pup that will keep them on their toes...please let them know about Holmes. If you can make the commitment to exercise they are really great dogs.

On a happy note- as far as I can tell Sweet William has been adopted!

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