Monday, July 20, 2009

Corporate Party

This corporation's color just happens to be tiffany blue. There are not many blue flowers out there so we chose to do blue wire accents in the vase with whimsical flowers on top.

Spider mums, ladies mantle, nigella, hypericum berry, and the like are all included in this arrangement.
{Does anyone else wish there was a florist spell check? It never recognizes any of the names.}

We love this look. I had something similar to this at my wedding with all orchids balancing out of rectangular vases on the card table- it was spectacular. Here we have lilies, sunflowers and ladies mantle.

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  1. In the second picture those flowers are so beautiful, I love flowers and I think that for my next corporate parties other than hiring a good entertainer, I will buy lots of flowers like those.

  2. Thanks Julie! Flowers really do transform an event.


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