Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pretty things

This arrangement is for a wonderful customer Sharon. Sharon is the woman that floral designers dream of. She gives flowers "just because" and she always lets us do whatever we want! Although we've caught on that she does have a fondness for hydrangea and ranunculus. She gets flowers for dinner parties, writing class friends, sick friends, and people she barely knows! We love her!
She not only supports florists she also used to stop in at the bakery I worked at to pick up treats too and before that she would pick up wedding gifts and the like at the dinnerware shop I worked at. She is a local business supporter angel.

I've been buying copious amounts of plants lately! First it was a birdsnest fern, then a stephanotis and most recently a juncus! Pretty soon I won't be able to see out my windows! This was all following my purchase of 4 orchid plants the Botanical Garden Show. (They were a deal- it was too cold out for them.) My husband won't let us have babies yet so appearantly I'm nesting with plants... the above plant has escaped my obsession, barely. It's a jasmine and it's heavenly!
My friend, Laura, is picking up these hanging bubbles with Jade. Aren't they cool? We do them up with tillandsias, air ferns or planted up with the succulent of your choice.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

A typical day

I have the tendency to only post about weddings and events, but there are some really cool things that happen here on ordinary days.
The above corsage was made for one of our future bride's wedding shower. She and her husband live down the street from the shop and rescue pitbulls. They often visit with "Baby" and "Butters." We got to witness these little pups grow up into beautiful and sweet dogs.
We like Jessie and Larry too. ;)

We have really amazing poppies sprouting up in the front garden. We were not too sure what was coming up as we have a very free way of planting. That goes something like this: "Do you think we could plant this?" "I don't see why not...toss it in the garden." Then spring comes and we have to discern weeds from baby poppies, amaranthus, and baptisia...

We also have beautiful glazed birdbaths in the garden. This is a little arrangement of alstromeria and solidago, which I think would make a darling and really inexpensive bridesmaids bouquet.

We stock Aurora hospitals cooler. Here we have a bunch of arrangements getting ready for the cooler and Sir Joplin supervising the procedure. This is our design room, we have great windows which gives us fantastic natural light and keeps our moods just as cheery as our flowers! We work on industrial stainless steel chefs tables which are awesome! I want to equip my entire kitchen with just these.

I'll share more about our design room and how we work later on.
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Laura's Baby Shower

My good friend Laura is pregnant with her first baby and it's a girl!
She is the amazing pastry chef behind all of the stunning creations you see from Bouchee Catering in DePere. All their family is in from all over the US to celebrate the upcoming baby with a backyard barbecue! Bouchee is catering and the owner, Sara ordered white daisy and pink spray rose arrangements.
They are so simple and sweet.

This big arrangement and it's twin will be gracing the food tables which I'm soooo excited about because I have never met a food table I didn't love! =)

Congratulations Laura! We're so excited for you!
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Heritage Hill Green Bay Wedding

I love the shades od colors in these bouquets. Callas, Orchids, fragrant stock, leucodendron, seeded eucalyptus and bear grass loops all combine to make these very cook bouquets.

These are built into holders, which although the popular choice is handtied, holders really do offer a lot flexibility to create a really dimensional bouquet.

For more pictures from the wedding please visit the fabulous the Photo by Aubrey blog. Her pictures are stunning!
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Green Bay Meadows Wedding

This last week-end we did a "Tiffany" themed wedding at The Meadows in Green Bay. The bride's family made the linens!!! Made the linens!!! Now that's dedication and talent!
We were able to get in the most amazing fancy dendrobium orchids, some had 3 or 4 stems branching off a single piece and they were unbelievably tall!
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Green Bay Botanical Garden Wedding

We had the pleasure of doing another gorgeous wedding at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens.

The products for these bouquets were sourced locally, with the only request that be in shades of orange and pinks. Can do! We love the endless opportunity to create based on what is looking best that day.

The bouquets featured dahlias, gerbera daisies, scabiosa, stock, snapdragons, wax flowers, ladies mantle and seeded eucalyptus and of course, ranunculus!

The summer of no rain continues- the upside being that not one bride has had her wedding rained out, the down side being that we don't have grass anymore and our gardens are looking less than stellar. And, my uber environmental husband is getting a little frusturated about the high water bills. It's a wee bit hard to water with rain water when it's not raining! ;)
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Corporate Party

This corporation's color just happens to be tiffany blue. There are not many blue flowers out there so we chose to do blue wire accents in the vase with whimsical flowers on top.

Spider mums, ladies mantle, nigella, hypericum berry, and the like are all included in this arrangement.
{Does anyone else wish there was a florist spell check? It never recognizes any of the names.}

We love this look. I had something similar to this at my wedding with all orchids balancing out of rectangular vases on the card table- it was spectacular. Here we have lilies, sunflowers and ladies mantle.

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Needless to say we have sealed the deal for many a nervous man about to pop the question! This dozen red rose arrangement with sparkle and gold wire accents went to the couples new home for the signing.

He not only did the arrangement but rose petals and a single red rose to thread the engagement ring on to.
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedding bouquet

This is a wedding bouquet mock up of green hydrangea, calla lilies, lisianthus, cybidium orchids and scented geranium to collar.

I love the subtle color combination of this bouquet. And really, cybidiums make everything better!
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7.11 Weddings!!!

Bouquet from the past week-end of hydrangea, freesia, and gardenia.

Unity arrangement of hydrangea, gerbera daisies and bear grass. I'm not really sure why but after bouquets unity arrangements are my next favorite thing to make...

I'm pretty sure this is my favorite ceremony site. Old St. Joes on the St. Norbert campus. It is a gorgeous combination of brick and wood.

Heritage Hill State Park Gazebo with potted gerbera daisy plants with rose petals lining the aisle.
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Furry Ones

UPDATE: He's been ADOPTED!!!!
(My husband is very relieved- he knows I can't resist)

This is a bittersweet story. A friend told me that Sweet William, the cat Nichole found back in March had finally been adopted from the Bay Area Humane Society so when I went to the website to verify, this is what I saw.

That's my Annabelle's brother, Holmes, and he has been returned to the Humane Society. It states he need a lot of attention and fun. Now I know from personal experience that our border collie/ hound mix is a rather energetic pup, she gets a run every morning and a walk every night and then spends her days romping in the yard with her sister.
She is also teething something fierce right now, as I'm sure Holmes is too. Anyone who's had puppies knows that teething is a sure test of sanity.

I'm sure it was not easy for the former adoptees to give Holmes back but if you know anyone who needs a pup that will keep them on their toes...please let them know about Holmes. If you can make the commitment to exercise they are really great dogs.

On a happy note- as far as I can tell Sweet William has been adopted!

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Congratulations Christine Marie (#2) you are the winner generated by random number generator although I still don't know how to use their widget- I swear it's legit.

Give us a call or order online whenever you're ready for us to send an arrangement for you!

Thanks for playing everyone!

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

I'm going up to Rhinelander to spend time with my in-laws (up from Missouri) and my family!
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

24 hours left!

There's only 24 hours left to enter the giveaway!
Scroll down to enter!
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Arrangements and a new love

This cheerful little bouquet was going to young lady who likes pink and orange. It has gerbera daisies, roses, alstromeria and of course polka dot ribbon!

We consider this to be a more masculine arrangement. It has pin cushion proteas, kangaroo paw, daisies, and a hosta ruffle (that's one manly ruffle).

My new love... we have a local grower that supplies us with the coolest and most unusual things. Reed and Mary Lee brought us this dusty miller flower. How adorable is that?
On a side note I "dated" a boy named Dusty Miller in junior high. Dusty (he probably goes by Dustin now) if you're reading this- you were not a nice boy and I do not forgive you for the kickball incident...jerk.

Have a great day!
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